Spain local time on January 29, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid, the club officially announced FIFA Appeal Committee decided to suspend the suspensions of the two clubs. FIFA then confirmed the terms of this decision.

Earlier this month, due to Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid club signed a minor irregularities players, FIFA announced Madrid duo made two signings in the transfer window can not be punished. Then the two clubs were portions of Appeal, apply for moratorium during the investigation, the FIFA Appeal Committee agreed that the application of the two clubs.

According to the original transfer ban, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid can not introduce new aid in 2016 and 2017 summer transfer window winter transfer window. FIFA is still no verdict before the summer transfer window opens if the outcome of the appeal, the two clubs summer signings window you can continue; if FIFA Madrid duo found evidence of irregularities upheld, the two clubs can also appeal to the international court of arbitration for Sport, or else transfer ban will come into effect.

2016/1/30 17:22:01