Clippers back to back at home against city rivals the Lakers, Kobe Bryant campaign truce. The first section of the Lakers performed well, once the lead. However, after the superior strength of the Clippers gradually find touch, opened the score, eventually 105-93 win over the Clippers to the Lakers, made three consecutive victories, the Lakers 9-game losing streak to swallow.

Data Clippers: Chris Paul - 27 points and seven assists, Wesley - Johnson 9 points 2 rebounds, JJ- Redick 7 points 2 rebounds, DeAndre - Jordan 6 points and 17 rebounds; Substitutes: Lance - Stephenson 16 points 5 rebounds, Jamal - Jamal Crawford 15 points and five assists, Austin - Rivers 17 points and 2 rebounds.

Lakers Data: Louis - Williams 11 points and 6 rebounds and 4 assists, Jordan - Clarkson 17 points and eight rebounds, Julius - Randall 23 points and 14 rebounds and six turnovers, Roy - Hibbert 12 points and five rebounds; Substitutes: Dan Jiluo - Russell 8 points and 5 assists, Brandon - Bass 8 points and 6 rebounds.

The first section of the game, the Clippers start to feel good, and Paul Reddick hit a jumper, Wesley - Johnson Lane sudden foreign investment scored six points, leading the Clippers to establish. However, the Clippers hit rate fell later, he took the opportunity to chase the Lakers points, Hibbert and Randall have scored 4 points in the paint, in the sudden foreign investment Clarkson scored 5 points, the Lakers shot a wave of 9-2, tying score. The two teams off the bench in the last paragraph of this section expanded exchange, the Lakers completed a dunk Bath and small Nance and Russell cast in the last attack hit, the Lakers to 29-28 lead one minute the first section.

Second section back, Bath and small Nance inside together again scored four points, but scored four points retaliate small rivers, Stephenson also vote with a penalty scored 4 points, the Clippers overtake. After the Lakers hit rate plummeted, four and a half minutes, only 3 points; the Clippers lineup remains a good feel, small rivers and Stephenson hit the third, Crawford hit two dumped fast boat hit a wave of 12-3, set up eight points ahead. But the Clippers a sudden power failure in this paragraph and a half after the holiday, five and a half minutes, only Paul dropped into a three-pointers. The Lakers took the opportunity to chase points, Clarkson, Randall, respectively, the Lakers play 9-3, once the points deficit to 2 points. However, Paul at the end of this section in a timely manner to come forward, he even scored 4 points with a fine cast, the Clippers slightly expanded the lead to 54-49 lead five minutes into halftime.

After the halftime break, the Clippers seem to stay in touch more meaning, before the third quarter, only seven minutes and Paul Reddick teamed shot down 5 points. The Lakers took the opportunity to chase points, Randall and Hibbert scored eight points in the paint together, Clarkson also got 4 points, the Lakers shot a wave of 14-5, go-ahead 4 points. However, after the turn of the Lakers off their continuous shot, and appear up to seven turnovers. Gradually recovered feel seize the opportunity to play the Clippers climax, Paul hit the third and dumped, small Rivers played three times fast break back layup, individual scored six points, the Clippers 13-0 blasted establish 9-point lead. The last paragraph of this section, the Lakers gradually regained consciousness, Louis - Williams-third of manufacturing a foul, three free throws, Russell dropped into the third, but the Clippers bench who respond immediately, Crawford hit four free throws, Stephenson hit fadeaway jumper, the Clippers suppressed chasing points momentum the Lakers at the end of the third quarter to 78-71 lead seven minutes.

The last one, ie one up small rivers in sudden foreign investment for the Clippers scored four points, Crawford and Stephenson also soared in the third, the Clippers shot a wave of 9-3, and establish a 13-point lead . But the Lakers respond, Bath, Clarkson and Randall have been scored, the Lakers answered with a 6-0, the points deficit to eight points. However, after the Lakers failed to extend the momentum of recovery points, they are not consecutive shots and mistakes, the Clippers took the opportunity to fight back, Crawford, Stephenson and Jordan respectively small score, the Clippers 6-0 to re-establish 14 points lead. The final three minutes, Paul open scoring model, he hit two jumpers, to recover the body and dropped three points to help the Clippers to maintain a double-digit lead directly to seal the victory.

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