Blazers at home to usher Hornets challenge Lin campaign because of an ankle sprain sidelined, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist is back from injury. In the first half, the two teams played very stalemate, but the Blazers in the third quarter hit the climax Lillard and Crabbe, led by double-digit lead in one fell swoop established. Hornets in the fourth quarter comeback fails, the Blazers finally beat the Hornets 109-91 at home to obtain 3-game winning streak.

Blazers data: Damian - Lillard 22 points, six assists and five rebounds, CJ- McCollum 17 points and 5 rebounds and 5 assists, Al - Farooq - Ami Nu 17 points and 12 rebounds, Mason - Plumb Lee 13 points and 12 rebounds and five assists; substitutes: - Allen Crabbe 20 points, three rebounds, Meyers - Leonard 9 points and 4 assists.

Hornets data: Kemba - Walker 14 points and 4 assists, Nicholas - Batum 11 1 get 3 points and eight assists and 4 rebounds, Marvin - Williams 20 points and nine rebounds, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist13 points and 7 rebounds; Subs: Taylor - Hansbrough 12 points and 14 rebounds, Brian - Roberts 17 points and 2 rebounds.

Away from home at the start of the Hornets quickly find touch, and Walker Hawes soared in the third, the Hornets lead to become masters. Although the Trail Blazers after von Levin and Pula in Bromley inside succeeded, but Hawes and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist immediately retaliate layup, the Hornets kept the lead. Two teams in this half of the Festival into a see-saw state Lillard labeled as 2 + 1, and assists Meyers - Leonard score, but Batum hit three retaliate former team, came off the bench Daniels also soared in the third. Walker at the end of this section and in the manufacture of anti-hit three free throws to help the Hornets to 25-21 lead four minutes the first section.

Hornets feel bad in the early part of the second quarter, the first four minutes only 2 points. Blazers seize the opportunity to hit the climax, Crabbe and McCollum hit the third, Leonard and Ed - Davis also hit a jumper, the Blazers shot a wave of 12-0 climax, one stroke ahead by 6 points. However, the emergence of pioneer status after the ups and downs, they are not continuous, lost three minutes scoring drought; the Hornets took the opportunity to chase points, Hansbrough, Roberts and Marvin - Williams are succeeded, the Hornets 6-0, tied at one stroke score. The last paragraph of this section, Marvin - Williams hit the third, manufacture of anti Hansbrough hit three consecutive free throws, but the Blazers back feel, Lillard hit three-pointers, scored carat Bristol sudden foreign investment 4 points, Pula Bromley also labeled as 2 + 1, multi-flowering Blazers 50-45 lead five minutes halftime.

The campaign comeback of Michael Kidd-Gilchrist one up in the third quarter with 4 points, Marvin - Williams suddenly broke out, he hit a jumper and two three-pointers, scored eight individual points to help the Hornets ahead score . However, the fluctuations appear Hornets after they hit rate fell in three minutes only 2 points; Trail Blazers back feel, in sudden foreign investment McCollum scored 4 points, Pula Bromley also get 4 points, Aminu labeled as 2 +1, the Blazers 11-2, re-opened the score. The last paragraph of this section, a pioneer along more investment, Lillard open scoring mode, and he hit the third in the cast, and layup, individuals scored eight points, three points Crabbe also caused a foul three free throws, and labeled as 2 + 1, individual scored six points, the Blazers at the end of the third quarter to extend their lead to 83-69.

Trail Blazers came back in the fourth quarter to maintain a good feel, Leonard dropped into third, Crabbe and McCollum hit in the cast, the Blazers to extend their lead to 20 points. However, after the Hornets launched counterattack, Hansbrough continuous storm inside, even vote with a penalty scored six points, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist also scored the Hornets played 10-2, the points deficit to 12 points. But the Blazers Crabbe promptly answered with a three-pointers, to help the team hold our ground. Although did not give up after the Hornets, but at the crucial moment Aminu labeled 2 +1, Lillard also shot, the Blazers maintained double-digit lead, not to leave the Hornets comeback opportunity.

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