Now the league title situation has been more difficult, but we work every day, let us keep the faith. Our players are very professional, and only victory to be satisfactory, we lost points in Seville, we know the team has no turning back. our goal is still to make every effort to fight for the league title, we are currently four points behind, the future may be seven points. it's hard, but I still look forward to the Champions League, after all, the season is not over yet. "Zidane after the team beat the Spanish team in the game he represents.

Zidane were also new to the team Trident combinations were evaluated: "J Lo played well today, I am very satisfied with his performance, whether the ball .J Lo are doing very well without the ball, which is very important. as for the C Lo, we have become accustomed to him into so many balls, he is not a hat-trick did not play well, but if he did not score and sometimes it does not matter, he has ambitions, his goal is to ball goal, today he is obviously doing very well. for Benzema, I am most satisfied with today is not he opened the scoring for the team, nor outstanding performance on the offensive end, but he has been actively running, to participate in the ball among the team's defense. "

This is the third consecutive home victory over Real Madrid rivals, which Zidane said:. "Into five or six goals will not be easy, but the team has the ability to do what we will soon enter the state, it is very important we want to. in the next game to maintain this performance, we should put all the games are treated as a difficult game. we then have to meet a lot of strong opponents, not only Barcelona Atletico Madrid, and Granada. to to maintain the competitiveness of the league, we should win the next game at all. "

Zidane also confirmed Qielishefu will leave the last day of the transfer: "Qielishefu does want to leave, for him, the most important thing is to play the game, he is a great player, he has been very efforts but he needs playing time. I wish him all the best, if he can get more opportunities to leave, I'll be happy. we are going to see if he would move to where.

2016/2/1 17:13:43