FA Cup fourth round, Chelsea 5-1 victory over the British crown Milton Keynes team, the next round will be based at home against the Blues Blue Moon Manchester City. Blues coach Guus Hiddink after the game in an interview said he was glad the team to a victory.

First of all to consider our opponents, IMHO, from a lower-level league, but we are very satisfied with the performance of the team. 20 minutes before the first half we demonstrated the desire to win, trying to end as soon as possible game, the only problem is that we have forgotten how to score, they scored to tie the ball, but after a good deal of the team. "

This is Chelsea's best performance? I do not know. We work with Arsenal last week and this is different, but I like the team performance out of something, under normal circumstances, after scoring the team, it is easy to relax vigilance . 

Azar did a good job today, he had just come out from the injury. We have a penalty order, Oscar is the first penalty taker, but they give a chance to kick a penalty Azar, he played 2-0. after some time, he finally returned to the court, Azar need to adapt to the rhythm of the game. today he played more than an hour, which helps him to prepare a large number of the upcoming game. "

We can not just rely Diego - Costa scored, other people can score, in training we do targeted exercises to help them penetrate the formation to create opportunities for each other, we do not want to depend on Diego - Costa Oscar for very important to us, in this position we have four or five players, you must think clearly when, in which players use a different game. Oscar defensive end also did well, he was very aware of their responsibilities, he likes to go back withdraw the ball to help the team to attack more quickly. "

Pato trained with us a little strength training, but I hope he adapt as soon as possible, as well as Mi Zijia as well. Today, they are adjusting their physical condition, we will allow them to join the team as soon as possible. They We have joined Chelsea in Cobham this morning to participate in the training, and then the car came away together. "

I've seen Bamford training and competition, we were doing some exercises. Bamford is a typical striker, need to play a lot of games, has been staying Chelsea not good for him, and he must keep playing time remain competitive.

2016/2/1 17:15:47