Sits at home in San Antonio today Nuggets door to usher in the challenge, a stable start to lead the Spurs almost the entire insurance take the initiative, the final home game of the Spurs to 109-98 win over the Nuggets have won six in a row.

Spurs data: Tony - Parker 25 points and nine assists, Tim - Tim Duncan 12 points and 11 rebounds and six assists and six blocked shots, LaMarcus - Aldridge 11 points and 12 rebounds and 2 blocked shots, Division pregnant - Leonard 20 points and eight rebounds and three assists. Substitute aspects, Patty - Mills 17 points, six rebounds and three assists.

Nuggets data: Kenneth - Farid 15 points, seven rebounds and three assists, Gary - Harris 15 points and two rebounds, Emanuel - Mudi Ai 5 points and 7 assists. Substitute side, Nicholas - Jokic 23 points and 12 rebounds and three blocked shots.

The Spurs will have a good beginning stages of play, Duncan layup made the first goal start, with the hit consecutive shots to help the team lead. Nuggets start performance in general, rely on the Harris recorded two goals to catch up with the score. Pause after returning Nuggets still restrain position, the Spurs four rounds of attack all have scored for Houston, which also helps them firmly in the lead. Denver defensive side although not, but the offensive end performance is good, Mudi Ai labeled as 2 + 1 hot pursuit to help the team score, followed by Harris' third of the weaknesses down to 2 points. Spurs return quickly fired back after a pause, Mills and Butler hit consecutive three-pointers to regain control of the situation, the two sides since then have access to all words, the Spurs rely Mills and Green scored two free throws to 31-24 end of the first section of contention .

Section two sides began the bench rotation, the Spurs maintained a hot state, Mills hit a shot in the distance first, then the outside line access Butler hit the third ball, a good play also helped the Spurs build a double-digit advantage. Nuggets start relatively normal, but with the return after a pause, Nelson hit three-pointers, scored the basket Barton continuous hot pursuit score. Spurs stalemate obviously occupy the initiative, David - West 2 + 1, Leonard third goal, again scored the Nuggets no way, with Duncan playing board jumper and then in Spurs will expand the advantage to 19 points! The last paragraph of the Nuggets get back the feeling, Farid and Mudi Ai hit consecutive shots, the Nuggets scored 10 points to narrow the score again. Harding Park half, the Nuggets to 58-65 with a 7-point deficit into the second half.

Halftime break back, although the Nuggets offensive to maintain a good state, but there is no way the defensive end, Green scored three points to help the Spurs to re-establish a double-digit advantage, followed by Leonard Parker teamed constantly reached the basket continued success goals, along with a wave of 14-4 after the offensive, the Spurs re-established 17-point advantage. Nuggets nerves property then erupted again, Gallinari hit one-third, constantly attacking the basket Jokic scored six points in the last minute they had to reduce the score to 10 points. Mills and West's key moments goal to help the Spurs to 93-79 end of the contest in the third quarter.

The last 12 minutes of the competition, the Nuggets still can not find the good way, they continue to grab pause before the first two-thirds vote after another blacksmith, the Spurs side similarly poor performance, but rely Mills and Anderson's goal they remain The great advantage of 16 points. After a pause return Farid labeled 2 + 1, the Nuggets scored six points to see the hope. LaoJiangHu Popovich quickly put all the main Leonard consecutive goals to help Spurs re-bleeding stabilize the situation. Since then the Nuggets not much way, holding a big lead the Spurs beat the Nuggets 109-98 win the final victory.

2015/11/19 3:04:58