Bayern re-transmission of bad news before their injury, defender Martinez injury absence, teenager Jimi Xi stepped starting debut, Guardiola discharge three-guard formation. After opening the Bayern still maintained their rhythm ball, but positive on Hoffenheim to grab the opponent does not leave much to chance to attack. 7 minutes, Robben left foot rub edge of the area shot the ball, the ball just over the bar two minutes later Robben comeback but still shot a little higher. The first 17 minutes, in front of Costa left cross, Mill restricted area inside Bowman flying volley was turned and hugged. During this time Bayern winger offensive unfolds. The first 32 minutes, Alonso Road-point shot, timely plug Costa put a cross in front of Levante easily Tuishe 1-0! The first 40 minutes, Hoffenheim get the opportunity to fight back, throw off defender after carat Maric kicker close range shot was saved by Neuer. The first half ended, Bayern temporarily a ball ahead of the competition.

During the break the two sides no substitutions adjustment. Just opening the second half, Bayern consecutive opportunity, more than double teams Levante in the back to do, close to the ball Alonso closed top slightly higher than the long-range kicker, followed by Bayern a corner, Levante headed attack Bowman door line at the door and hugged. During this time the Bayern full line pressure, Hoffenheim defense was repeatedly tested. The first 55 minutes Hoffenheim counterattack reproduction carat Maric received a teammate rounded out the restricted area after a cross, aimed a low shot into the far corner, the ball touching the column wide. Soon Houalongsuo return errors, Hoffenheim won the corner kick, Vargas header hoisting a little higher. The first 62 minutes, Guardiola first to make adjustments, Tiago replaced comin debut. Two minutes later, Ram ball into the box, kick straight to find Levante, which light lob the ball over the Baoman Fei goal nets, 2-0! Levante this season, which is 18 league goals. Muller replaced with Houbidaer debut, Hoffenheim also continuous substitutions adjustment. The first 70 minutes, just outside the area Vidal debut sudden Shi Leng Jian, the ball hit the post pop-up. The final stage did not change the score once again, the final Bayern beat Hoffenheim 2-0, on the opponent's unbeaten record continues.

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2016/2/1 17:20:54