The game Inter new aid Edel starting debut. 6 minutes, Juan put a cross in, Eder header was Dona Ruma flying saved. 9 minutes, Bonaventura restricted area outside the long-range, the ball slightly wide of the goal. The first 33 minutes, Vidic frontier closed area kicker shot, the ball was easily embraced Dona Ruma. The first 35 minutes, Keisuke Honda cross from the right penalty area Lielaishi beat defender headed home, 1-0! The first 42 minutes, Dona Ruma rescue, trying to hang outside the area Juan afford Kongmen, the ball slightly over the bar. Halftime, AC Milan 1-0 Inter Milan.

Easy side battles, the first 50 minutes, when Dona Ruma Eder hit attack, but the referee without making representation. 58 minutes, Brozovic external long-range target. The first 64 minutes, Inter Ica Jordi replaced by Vidic. The first 71 minutes, Ronaldinho's shot hit Ica restricted Neialaishi hand, the referee ordered a penalty kick, Ica Jordi penalty but hit the post. The first 73 minutes, Perpignan right pass, outflanking the ball into Baca, 2-0! 76 minutes, AC Milan play fast counter, Perpignan teammate straight into the restricted area, the first shot was rushed, but Niang then tip-break, 3-0! Then Milan have a chance, then Balotelli pass Keisuke Honda kicker hit the door, the ball hit the side-line. The first 84 minutes, Kuci Ka external long-range higher. Since then the two sides no achievements, cruised to the final audience, AC Milan 3-0 Inter Milan, windy derby.

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2016/2/1 17:24:57