4 minutes, C Ronaldo in the frontier closed area after the ball turned and then Marcelo hit the door, saved by goalkeeper fell to the ground. 7 minutes right after James Rodríguez sent pass out of defense, after the take-off point Benzema beat defender headed the ball into the far corner, 1-0! The first 11 minutes, Enzo - personal defense tripped inside the penalty area Rocco C Ronaldo, the referee ordered a penalty kick, C Ronaldo personally kick hit the 2-0! The first 15 minutes, Modric the ball, James Rodríguez had cut the ball back inside the kicker volley, the ball hit the back up against Diop who is refracted, the ball flew directly to the net nest, 3-0! The first 45 minutes, Real Madrid to launch quick counter-attack, C Ronaldo received the James Rodríguez straight after the restricted area before the lateral the ball out of defense left foot hit the door, 4-0! Harding Park half, Real Madrid four goal lead, the game has no suspense.

Easy side battles, even for the two Spaniards. The first 53 minutes, long-range Fuentes Navas saved the bottom line. The first 56 minutes, Isco from outside the area hit the ball high arc. The first 62 minutes, Benzema headed home team-mate pass is obtained. 69 minutes, C Ronaldo free kick slightly higher. Followed by Real Madrid make personnel adjustments, Casemiro and Vazquez replaced debut Cross and Benzema. The first 82 minutes, Hesse cross from the left, C Ronaldo leaping header, 5-0! 86 minutes, O- Jesse Duarte defensive pass when an own goal, 6-0! Since then both sides have failed to attack the threat, and ultimately the audience Harding Park, Real Madrid 6-0 victory over the Spaniards, continues to rank third in La Liga.

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