Sits at home in jazz ushered bull challenge, plus the two teams are evenly matched until only a winner, no state Bulls in overtime, they get only 3 points in overtime, and all from free throws, the Jazz then rely on good strong counterattack opened the score. Eventually, the home game of the Jazz beat the Bulls 105-96 to win the victory.

Sir data: Gordon - Hayward 27 points and 12 rebounds and seven assists, Rodney - Hood 19 points, five rebounds and three assists, Rudy - Goebel 16 points and 12 rebounds, Raul - Neto 14 points and three rebounds. Substitute side, Trevor - Burke 10 points and two rebounds.

Bulls data: Jimmy - Butler 26 points, seven rebounds and six assists, Paul - Gasol 19 points and eight rebounds and three assists, Derek - Rose 14 points and four assists. Substitute aspects, Bobby - Portis 8 points and 5 rebounds.

Ross made two free throws in the beginning based games kicked off, then step three-point line shot hit the mole to help the Bulls start to get ahead. Sir rely on high storm inside, Goebbels and Favors start biting score two goals to help them. Both teams return to suspend the state is still outstanding, the Bulls rely on Gasol and Ross shot advantage, by virtue of consecutive goals Hood Jazz successful go-ahead score. The first section of Harding Park, Bulls and Jazz to 26-26 tie game.

Second section back, the Bulls first force, Snell fired outside hit the third, but the Jazz locker color here soon, Burke and Hood both hands to contribute two three-pointers quickly reversed the situation, pause return Bulls encounter dividends, fiery jazz urgent need state, Neto and Hayward then two three-pointers, the Jazz will be worse it roughly 9 points. Bulls finally get back the feeling critical moment, McDermott and Butler hit two consecutive three-pointers gone, the Bulls answered with a wave 10-0 offensive to retake the lead, along with Gibson's tipped again, the Bulls not only smooth 9 points disadvantage, but also to establish a seven-point lead. Sir terminal continue to rely on the foul ball hit chase points, half of Harding Park, the Bulls to 51-47 with a 4-point advantage into the second half.

Easy side battles, the Bulls start to rely more on long-range shots, Gasol and Ross hit consecutive high shots, the Jazz is even more dependent on a breakthrough in the paint, Goebbels at a high point advantage inside to help him complete a dunk. Pause after returning from the two sides still hard to compete with, the Bulls scored 4 points here Butler unstoppable, jazz side Hayward and Favors scored a series of biting score. Jazz had to rely on Goebel last dunk go-ahead score, but Gasol random basket storm succeeded to regain the lead. Three cruised the Bulls to 68-67 Jazz lead into the fourth quarter.

The last 12 minutes of the competition, both chances, you rely on dunks and Kirk Hinrich scored Portis took the lead of Sir rely Hood 2 + 1 biting score. Under the first breakthrough jazz stalemate, the occasional critical moment first layup, then hit the third, relying on his outstanding play jazz once go-ahead score. Bull then launch the Jedi, Butler became a hero, he first hit the tying third, followed by a technical foul free throw together, including one person contributed 6 points to help the team go-ahead score. Jazz also not poor, relying on Hayward's goal, the two sides back to the same starting line. Jazz dominated the scene was the last paragraph, but Goebbels did in two free throws missed opportunities beyond the score, the Bulls rely on Ross third to regain the lead. Critical moment, Hayward first fouls, although two free throws, but grabbed a crucial offensive rebound, then again in Hayward layup to tie the game. Bulls last paragraph mistakes gave the Jazz a chance to lore, but Hayward could not recapitulation magical, when the two sides reached 93-93 into overtime.

Jazz first force overtime, Favors start attacking the basket succeeded, Hayward hit consecutive shots, start practicing jazz score the lead, but two free throws care during free throws. Bull is entirely a disadvantage, Butler was firmly Dingsi, Gasol can not effectively deal with the ball, they rely on the first Pause Next Gibson's free throws to get 2 points, to suspend the return of Butler Manufacturing foul, but missed two free throws appear in the case. Entire overtime Bulls only got 3 points, the Jazz are constantly beaten counterattack opened the score. Eventually, the home game of the Jazz beat the Bulls 105-96 to win the victory.

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