Today, Manchester City coach Manuel Pellegrini will be officially announced at the end of the season to leave Al Ittihad, now Bayern Munich coach Pep Guardiola took over the blue moon. While Chelsea and Manchester United are also interested in inviting Guardiola in charge of the club, but Guardiola chose a friend txiki where Manchester City.

This news quickly attracted the attention of fans of Manchester United, one of England's Manchester derby is the most important football game, win at derby fans on both sides has a great significance. Manchester United this season, the performance is not ideal, precarious job to coach Louis van Gaal, Manchester United fans worried about the arrival of Guardiola will make Manchester City even more powerful, many Reds fans on social networking sites Mourinho took vocal appeals Old Trafford .

Manchester United fans have a social networking site statement said: "Manchester United should hire Mourinho, he has proved they have the strength to compete with Guardiola." "If Manchester United do not invite Mourinho took me passed out, only he can fight Guardiola, Manchester United only if you do not ask him further behind Manchester City. "" Mourinho and Guardiola played football Manchester derby is the charm, let it happen now! 

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2016/2/2 17:42:05