Multi-line operations of Manchester City maintained a good record, has come to the stage of the League Cup final, the last round of Premiership victory over Aston Villa, currently ranked No. 2 and three-point gap from the top of the game must not be lost. And at the end of the standings Sunderland, want to get points from relegation Manchester City who is also not easy. The campaign Manchester City their injury, in addition to Nasri, Compagni the old wounded over the weekend joined the De Bruyne, this may be the opportunity to score points at home to Sunderland. Start of the race. The first eight minutes, Aguero outside the area long-range kick wide of the right to try the crossbar. The first 16 minutes, Navas cross affixed to the right to find Aguero inside the area, the latter outside the instep shot on goal, the defense failed to close when Jones live action spikes scraped Aguero does not matter, 1 0!

27 minutes, Aguero restricted area arc the ball into the far corner pocket shot just wide. The first 33 minutes, followed by a free kick just wide of the restricted area within Section header from the center bomb. The first 42 minutes, Yaya - Toure left the restricted area small-angle shot hit the foot burst higher circles. After 1 minute, Defoe restricted area low shot was turned Hart fell to the ground to resolve, and then saved again Mwila blank range. Sunderland 1-0 Manchester City away temporarily halftime.

Easy side battles the second half. The first 45 minutes, Fernando replace Iheanacho, Abkhazia was replaced Clarence. The first 60 minutes, shot Aguero closed line of weakness is Manzano got. The first 74 minutes, Adam - Johnson replaced Cattermole played former team. After 1 minute, Stirling replaced Navas injury occurs. After 77 minutes, Jones to keep long-range kick from outside the area was saved by the refraction Hart. The first 79 minutes, Kolarov replacing poor state of Yaya - Toure. After 1 minute, Otamendi uprooting Adam - Johnson booked. The first 81 minutes, En Duoye Borigni be replaced. The first 88 minutes, Mwila periphery of long-range over the bar. The second half stoppage time, Sunderland had the opportunity to attack the corner headspace door failed to grasp the loss of the opportunity to tie the score. In the end, Manchester City 1-0 away win over Sunderland.

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2016/2/3 17:07:25