Neville Henderson at Liverpool usher in their first 200 games. The first 2 minutes, Mach Juarez back in long-range left foot outside the box slip out the door. 8 minutes, Henderson caught the ball Leicester City chance, Valdivia put a cross in, Shinji Okazaki header was Minnie Ole brave resolve. The first 13 minutes, before the restricted area volley Mach Juarez get Minnie Ole. The first 29 minutes, Fuchs takes the corner, Huth header above. The first 33 minutes, Lallana cross from the left to the last point, Fuchs siege almost own goal. The first 35 minutes fell to the foot of the Mach Lovren tackle siege Reis, who kept the ball shot by rubbing asked the beam Minnie Ole. The first 39 minutes, Phil Mino straight, Moreno broke into the restricted area left foot volley hit the high. Harding Park half, the two sides goalless draw.

Easy side battles, the first 48 minutes, Henderson back to do inside the penalty area, Emre - Zhan follow-up hit the door was blocked. The first 51 minutes, Shinji Okazaki peripheral rub shot hit high. 54 minutes, Lucas put the external long-range anti-aircraft guns. 56 minutes may pass like shooting Moreno left is saved by Schmeichel. The first 58 minutes, before the restricted area hit the door turned Phil Mino up. 60 minutes after the field Mach Juarez accurate long pass found Valdivia, Valdivia periphery kept the ball volley, Rimini Ole station front only Musongpiqiu network, 0-1!

The first 66 minutes, Bent played replaced Henderson. The first 70 minutes, Shinji Okazaki inside the penalty area after physical contact with Liverpool team-mate fall occurred, but the referee without making representation. The first 72 minutes, Shinji Okazaki hit the door hit the peripheral Nicolas lane change, Val di Rimini Ole ball face ball into the 0-2!

The first 74 minutes, Lallana peripheral hit long-range high. The first 79 minutes, Leicester City will be replaced Orr Brighton, winter window just joined Gray teenager coming off the bench. 87 minutes, Lucas tipped Okazaki Shinji booked. Cruised to the final audience, Liverpool lost 0-2 away to Leicester City, who continue to lead the Premier League standings.

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