Manchester United's recent state criticized coach Louis van Gaal has become a target for the media and the fans, but last weekend's FA Cup Manchester United finally slow breath. The Stoke City FA Cup League Cup losing respect, will again be the leader of the bloodbath last round of league, but the good news is that the opponent is defeated Manchester United in the first leg, away from the road can potter Score it? The campaign, both sides are their injury, Manchester United side including Rojo, Ashley - Young, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Phil - Jones and other players, while Stoke have Charlie - Adam and Shaw - g Ross sidelined. Start of the race. The first 12 minutes, Mata inside the penalty area after receiving Marchal straight shot just wide. After 2 minutes, Jackson's cross from the left to the last point, Lin Jiade keep header, 1-0! The first 15 minutes, cutting inside the left low shot inside the restricted area after Marshall hit the side-netting. 2 minutes later, Marshall long-range kick from outside the area to try to get Bart Rand fell to the ground. The first 22 minutes, Rooney instigated back, restricted the right to Marshall, the latter after stopping curve ball into the net, 2-0! The first 25 minutes, Arnautovic from outside the area long-range kick hit the target community. The first 29 minutes, Walter Schneider injury appears to be Bardsley replaced. The first 38 minutes, then Damian Mata's cross header failed to top the positive goals. Manchester United 2-0 Stoke main temporary halftime.

Easy side battles the second half. The first 49 minutes, Rooney had single-handedly scored a goal, but was sentenced to rush to push personal foul earlier was disallowed. The first 52 minutes, Marshall cross from the left found Rooney inside the area, which is easily Tuishe network, 3-0! 2 minutes later, behind the barrier before Damian booked. The first 55 minutes, after Marshall drive straight into the restricted area hit the door over the bar. The first 59 minutes, Bardsley barrier Marchal booked, followed by Ireland Bojan replaced. Dianshe first 70 minutes, Crouch inside the area flagged for offside. The first 74 minutes, Rooney outside the instep volley over the bar from outside the box. After 78 minutes, Memphis replaced Marshall. After 1 minute, Herrera replaced Fellaini. The first 87 minutes, Mata was Pereira replaced. In the end, Manchester United 3-0 victory over Stoke City.

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2016/2/3 17:17:44