The main aspect of the game more than Arsenal comeback, Ozil and Sanchez side by side their first appearance since 2016. After opening the visitors the lead came in good condition sights, the first three minutes, Ward-Prowse free-kick fell to the ground directly Gongmen Cech saved. Arsenal then gradually find offensive rhythm, the first 12 minutes, koscielny Houchangchangzhuan accurately find the frontcourt walk Ozil, but the latter's shot hit Foster. The first 21 minutes, Beilai Lin right from the ball, Giroux header ferry, Ozil's shot struck the column missed Arsenal miss the opportunity again. This time Arsenal dominated possession, but Southampton's also quite a few offensive threats. 32 minutes, Ma bottom line return, Ward-Prowse back to do, Romeu keep one foot long-range slightly over the bar. The first 41 minutes, Van Dyk ferry, horse inherent defensive player of the interference misses the target, then Sanchez pass, Giroux headed out the door the same decline in interference. The first half ended, both sides did not score, the game suspense was left to the second half.

During the break neither substitutions adjustments. Opening the second half shortly after Ramsey sent pass, Giroux foot curve ball dead straight Foster was flying resolved. Sanchez then find Ozil pass, but the latter still small-angle shot failed to break Foster's fingers off. The first 61 minutes, Soares to counterattack Sanchez fouls in the game's first yellow card. The first 62 minutes, Wenger took the lead to make adjustments, Walcott replaced Campbell. Walcott coming off the bench quickly get scoring chances, but he denied Foster successive legs were shot. Tadic replaced with Houpei Lai debut. 71 minutes, Sanchez's shot was Ward-Prowse line at the door with ease. The last time Arsenal game a massive attack, but still could not change the score, the final end of the game, Arsenal's 0-0 draw at home to Southampton, the league four victorious.

2016/2/3 17:19:22