Lakers ten-game losing streak sits at home today ushered in the challenge of Wolves, Kobe Bryant scored a season-high 38 points in the first half defensive lax Timberwolves Lakers leading by 14 points, only the second half, the Timberwolves will gradually regain the score, the key moment of the distal Kobe Bryant scored 14 points, the Lakers 119-115 to end losing streak.
Lakers data: - Kobe Bryant 38 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists, Dan Jiluo - Russell 18 points, three rebounds, Luis - Williams 20 points and 4 assists, Julius - Randall 15 points and 12 rebounds, Jordan - Clarkson 16 points and 3 rebounds.
Minnesota data: Andrew - Wiggins 30 points, 5 rebounds, Carl - Anthony - 14 points and 9 rebounds Downs, Geer Ji - Jason Giambi 19 points and six rebounds, Ricky - Rubio 10 points and 15 assists, and Zach - Lavin 14 points and 7 assists.
A first opening Downs hook shot and a layup, followed by defensive end gave Louis - Williams big hat, a tough no-fly zone to defend the Timberwolves. Lakers side, Bryant hit a fadeaway jumper, layup Clarkson ball in color. Russell and Clarkson have been dumped breakthrough network, the score closer, Minnesota immediately requested a suspension. Suspension back, then Blake Clarkson assists dunks succeeded, Bath cause foul two free throws, the Lakers will be successful go-ahead score. Lavin after the buzzer jumper, sect end of the game, the Lakers 27-26 lead one minute into the second section of the Timberwolves game.
Section II opening, Louis - Williams caused by foul free throws, Russell trip jumper network, extending the Lakers offensive firepower. Minnesota team third shot five times, but the road to the basket like they added a cover, 5 0 vote, even Language vacancies. After half of the second quarter, Bryant began to force: He first caused one-third foul three free throws, followed by followed by Louis - Williams launched into third assists, the Lakers lead to double digits. After Wiggins empty cut dunks succeeded, the first half end of the game, the Lakers 66-52 lead 14 minutes into the second half of the Minnesota game.
The second half began, Wiggins hook shot, a jumper Downs net, narrowing the score Timberwolves positive points difference. Unexpectedly, Bryant re-third of the ball Clarkson also layup, the Lakers situation will stabilize. Wolves lost the second half still on the outside, three 9 0 vote, delay the attack difficult to open, but then Bryant fadeaway jumper, the Lakers will lead to further expansion until Downs launched into third, the Timberwolves finally hit the field first three-pointers. After Russell foul free throws, the end of the third quarter, the Lakers lead the Timberwolves to 92-81 11 minutes into the final section of the competition.
Distal opening, Minnesota surprise hit 6-0 offensive chase points, forcing the Lakers request for the suspension. Suspension back, Bath break dunks succeeded, Clarkson underhand layup to give retaliate. Lavin and launched into third layup, Minnesota successful go-ahead score. Critical moment, Bryant scored 2 three-pointers, the Lakers will stabilize the situation. The last 26 seconds Bryant jumper and then key in the key and Wiggins is not an attack, and ultimately the Lakers win.
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2016/2/3 17:24:52