4 game winning streak sits at home against the Bucks Trail Blazers, after the Blazers backcourt Spear McCollum under the H-30 points, 12 assists sent Lillard, Trail Blazers from the first beginning has been holding the lead and maintained to the end eventually, five players in double Blazers beat the Bucks 107-95 won five straight.

Blazers data: CJ- McCollum scored 30 points, six assists and four rebounds, Damian - Lillard 14 points and 12 assists and five rebounds, Al - Farooq - Ami Nu 16 points 5 rebounds and three steals. Substitute aspects, Gerald - Henderson 14 points and nine rebounds, Allen - Allen Crabbe 11 points and three rebounds.

Bucks data: - Chris Middleton 21 points, eight rebounds and three assists, Ioannis -Antetokounmpo19 points, eight rebounds and five assists, Greg - Monroe 17 points and eight rebounds. Substitute aspects, Jerry - Bayless 16 points and five assists.

Blazers home game start performance is quite good, McCollum first shot will be labeled as 2 + 1, although the increase is confiscated, but then a bout he hit a three-pointers, plus two record three Aminu minutes before the Blazers pause to 15-6 early lead. Bucks start relatively general, they rely more on the manufacture of anti-storm, but two free throws Antetokounmpo not start until Maika Wei tipped to get the first points, followed by Monroe and Middleton began a series of free throws chase points. Pause after returning pioneers feel began to fall, the Bucks continue after the play continue to impact the paint, Antetokounmpo even made two fouls and 4 penalty 3, attacking the basket Monroe scored four consecutive points, the Bucks will once point deficit to 4 points. Lillard Blazers last paragraph is not unreasonable to rely on continuous counter re-opened the score, the first section of Harding Park, the Blazers made 8-point lead to 27-19.

Section two sides of the performance is very good, pioneer here Ed - Davis labeled 2 +1, but can add confiscated hit, but then hit the third Leonard quickly control the situation. Bucks rely more on the pick and roll after the shooting, shooting high Bayless twice biting score. Blazers suspend returning complete control of the situation, McCollum twice on killing four free throws, then again hit the third, the Blazers will be widened to double digits. Then find the feeling behind the Bucks, Antetokounmpo labeled 2 +1, but reached the basket layup, but he was fouled but missed two free throws, with Bayless again in the third, the Bucks will be divided difference narrowed to single digits. Before halftime, Leonard-third will be widened children had 10 points, but immediately answered with three Antetokounmpo catching the score. Harding Park half, the Blazers to 56-49 with a 7-point advantage into the second half.

Halftime break back, Bucks start performed significantly better than the opponents, they rely solely on the first 3 minutes free throws to get 1 point, the Bucks continue to rely on the counter-attack to grab points, Middleton even vote with a penalty scored 4 points Bucks had to be sent out to 1 minute. Blazers during which performance has been very general, after relying on field guns Lillard and McCollum's goal to hold a slight advantage. Seeing the points difference was forced to close, the Blazers finally found the feeling, Ed - Davis dunk, Crabbe hit the third one to get 5 points, the Blazers again widened the lead. Section Three of Harding Park, Bucks Trail Blazers to a 79-73 lead six minutes.

The last 12 minutes of the fight, offensive efficiency Bucks sharp decline in their first 4 minutes 44 seconds in only 4 points, so that small poor performance score into a big score. During the pioneers ushered in a wave flow, McCollum rely on personal ability to get points continue to impact on the paint, then the former Henderson then hit the third pass, the Blazers widened the score to 15 points. Bucks played a pause effect, returning after a pause Middleton runaway, during his one contribution 8 points, a record one-third, two in mind high jumper, outstanding performance will be inferior to single digits again chase. But since the performance of his teammates too bad, Bayless twice shot is not, in turn Blazers even vote with a penalty scored 4 points to re-establish a double-digit lead lead. Bucks in 2 minutes and 46 seconds left in the game when all the main replaced renunciation. Eventually, the home game of the Bucks beat the Trail Blazers to a 107-95 win victory.

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