Alfred looks than moderate but the killer instinct in front, if he did not think to leave, he certainly has helped Arsenal scored. 22-year-old Alfred ratio has been on loan to join the six teams, and later move to Wolves in January this year to 12 million pounds move to Bournemouth, finally got his chance. He is a very confident shooter, never doubt their ability to score, he played four times before the Wolves scored three goals in it.

Sunday, aphthous than the first time to face former team Arsenal, his 6-year-old joined Arsenal youth academy, Wenger spent around ten years, but he never first team appearances for Arsenal. Affleck than saying: I think I instinctively goals for Arsenal, which is past, and I'm not Arsenal, I do not have any resentment now I can play in the Premiership, let me very satisfied.

6 years old when I was a kid, I was taught to play Arsenal, help me progress, I am very grateful and respect for Arsenal, but on Sunday I'll fight my own club, has no friends and only rival on the pitch .

Affleck than once in a single season for Arsenal U16 scored 40 goals, was also the 2010 European Youth Championship win of the England U17 team one. But injuries hampered his development, Wenger did not put him up first team. Affleck than saying: I do not need to prove the last three games I scored three goals, Arsenal sold my decision, it was a long time ago now I have a new friend here. I would not say bad things about Arsenal, I was hoping to get the chance, but I did not get. 

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2016/2/5 16:50:15