Ramsey in an interview with Arsenal's official website in an interview, if you want to be a generalization of the versatile midfielder, you'll need what kind of key competencies. He said how to keep a good balance between attack and defense is crucial in modern football.

Obviously it is important to maintain balance, but if you have the opportunity to realize that you can get the ball inside the area, you have to seize this opportunity, because you might break the opponent's goal." He told Arsenal's official website interview He said, "but you must, after the completion of the attack, as soon as possible to go back to help the defense, though this you need time to adjust their breath."

And then all this has got to start the cycle again. Compared to return to defend, I prefer to attack forward, to end the game, to create opportunities. But in fact, in fact, defense is equally important."

A versatile midfielder needs to be able to defend, to intercept the other players to create scoring opportunities, and to go and score, this is what I want to be a player template. For now, you can consider to get the ball in after the time is getting short, so you have to try to make a judgment in the fleeting time, this is the way the game is now, you have to let the ball running faster. "

I'm in the middle position both confident and comfortable, I let myself weekly progress. Football match has been in progress, each season requires that you have to put in more, I hope I can continue to improve to become an excellent players. I think they will play a more talent.

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2016/2/5 16:53:47