November 19, the Rockets held a press conference officially announced coach Kevin - McHale class. JB- Bickerstaff (JB Bickerstaff) will be the interim coach the Rockets assistant coach - Chris Finch (Chris Finch) will become the team's chief assistant.

Yahoo! Sports reporter Adrian Wojnarowski first reported this news, McHale has become a new season, the first team coach was fired.

Woj also said Bickerstaff Rockets have the opportunity to stabilize the current situation, but nevertheless, there are several good coach will be the future of the Rockets coach candidates, including Jeff - Van Gundy and - Tom Thibodeau. In addition, the current Hornets coach Steve - Clifford summer next year may restore freedom of the body.

After the start of the new season the Rockets poor performance, only get 4 wins and 7 losses record, recently they had just experienced its fourth straight. This season, the Rockets the league in offensive efficiency value end of the first 24, the efficiency value of 29 in the league in defensive end.

Woj said the Rockets 4-7 start so that they have to make a change, and Bickerstaff will regain the team's defense. Woj also said that the rocket has a good talent, need to be harvested this season, which have led them to break up sooner or later and McHale.

McHale joined the Rockets in the 2011-12 season as coach, the Rockets coaching 323 regular season games, the record of 193 wins and 130 losses, 29 games in the playoffs, the Rockets coach, record of 13 wins and 16 losses.

McHale on the eve of last Christmas and rocket contract, contract for 3 years $ 13 million. After he was fired, the team will continue to pay him part of the salary.

Bickerstaff joined the Rockets as a teaching assistant in 2011, after he had in Minnesota (2007-11 season) and Charlotte (2004-07 season) worked as an assistant coach.

The summer of 2013, the Pistons and the Bucks have to consider inviting Bickerstaff as coach, and conducted the interview.

It is worth mentioning that, Bickerstaff's father, Bernie - Bickerstaff served as Lakers assistant in the 2012-13 season, when Dwight - Howard Lakers array.

2015/11/19 3:08:03