According to the "Post" reported that due to dissatisfaction with their injuries being questioned, Liverpool striker Sturridge ready to leave Anfield this summer.

The striker subjected to various injuries over the past two seasons, his buttocks, thighs, hamstrings, knee, calf, ankle and foot injuries have. Since January 2013 Liverpool, Sturridge has missed 81 games because of injury, but he only played only in the Red Army under the command of coach Klopp over 106 minutes.

Residue Uncle" has said publicly that the physical condition Sturridge makes him feel very depressed, but also appeal to the club than Liverpool legend to sign a new striker to replace the frequent injuries Sturridge. The striker was very disappointed people question his desire to tap their own potential, he believes he needs this summer a complete pre-season, to adjust the body.

The 26-year-old star left on his contract with Liverpool two years and a half, if they can stay healthy, he's worth in the transfer market is about 60 million pounds. But more "glass" means the value of his physique is more likely to be around 20 million pounds.

Sturridge to people desperate to prove their strength, and now he has become increasingly closer return to the game on Thursday he had returned to normal training. He believes that he can play this weekend and Sunderland, but Klopp may be ready in the next week to send another striker.

Currently Arsenal, Tottenham and Manchester United are looking for a new striker in the transfer market. "Post" said that the gunman had been closely Sturridge dynamic in January 2013, but eventually joined the Liverpool striker. And this summer, Arsenal may rekindle interest in him.

Sturridge's former club Manchester City and Chelsea might also joined the fight, the two clubs are eager to increase their number of local players. If this summer to help England achieve good results in the European Cup, so Sturridge certainly no shortage of suitors.

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2016/2/5 16:57:03