According to the British BBC reported that Manchester United is working with former Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho's brokerage team to start negotiations. In mid-December 2015 Chelsea announce Mourinho to terminate the contract, promising to Mike Mussina took Manchester United to become the new coach Louis van Gaal.

The two sides have not reached any agreement, the club also declined to comment on the news, but the BBC reported that the negotiation has begun. City rivals Manchester City announced that the current Bayern Munich coach Pep Guardiola took over Al Ittihad next season, Manchester United executives reacted strongly, Mourinho and Guardiola may reproduce the Spanish coach derby.

64-year-old Dutch coach Louis van Gaal at the end of the season could leave Old Trafford, had his contract with Manchester United until 2017, but United may terminate the contract early invitation to Mourinho, Mourinho himself will also be happy to take over Red Devils. Mourinho maintains excellent manager Sir Alex Ferguson and Manchester United legend's personal friend, 2009 Inter Milan and Manchester United in the Champions League when met, Mourinho said: "I want the world against the best team, Manchester United are a winner division, they have superb coach Sir Alex Ferguson. "

But in 2013, Mourinho chose to return to Chelsea, he said: After you. "I'll work for Chelsea reject all the world, including Manchester United and other clubs," Ferguson also support their side before looking for a successor already know Muli Ni Austria decided to return to Stamford bridge.

BBC also mentioned, although Ryan Giggs I never made any statement, but media agreed that the Red Devils legend Ryan Giggs Manchester United manager is either the most likely candidate. Giggs glad to follow Van Gaal work and study, but he may not be willing to continue under the tutelage of Jose Mourinho.

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2016/2/6 16:39:30