Manchester City coach Manuel Pellegrini said that if Chelsea's FA Cup fifth round on Sunday must kick, he will send a young team competition, because they have to Kiev in the Champions League knockout.

The FA had already told Chelsea's FA Cup game will be scheduled in February 21 Sunday Manchester City away. Since they will fly to Kiev on Monday, Pellegrini said he would have to "give up" the FA Cup.

Pellegrini said: "I have many things to worry about if and Chelsea must be carried out on Sunday, the youth team in our conference, because we have to Ukraine, I do not know why the game can not be arranged. Saturday kicks, if you must play on Sunday, I have to look at the players played a good choice. "

Chelsea and Manchester City for a time of war is very important, because in the game with Chelsea they will participate in the Champions League knockout stages and successive League Cup finals. Friday is also a possible choice, but it is understood now can not change the television arrangements.

Pellegrini had never come in an "extreme weakness" of Manchester City to participate in the FA Cup, but he said this time he had no choice. He said: "I must decide the most beneficial club, I think the Champions League is more important."

We'll look at this in the end is arranged in the FA Cup when performed. Prior to this we have to play well with Leicester and Tottenham, they are a strong contender for the Premiership title.

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2016/2/6 16:44:56