Jazz four-game winning streak sits at home today ushered in Bucks challenge, five players in double figures and the Bucks score clench jazz audience, half of the fourth quarter the Jazz to establish the lead 10-2 offensive, the final 84-81 home win.
Sir data: Rodney - Hood 23 points, three rebounds, Rudy - Goebel 15 points, 8 rebounds, 3 blocks, Gordon - Hayward 18 points, five rebounds, Derek - Favors 11 points and 15 rebounds 5 cover, Raul - Tropsch within 8 points and 4 assists.
Bucks data: - Chris Middleton 18 points and six rebounds, Greg - Monroe 14 points and nine rebounds, and Jerry - Bayless 15 points, three rebounds, Ioannis -Antetokounmpo14 points and six rebounds, Michael - Carter - Williams 10 points and six rebounds.
Neto outside jumper, hook Gerber inside the network, the Jazz 4-0 offensive first start. Bucks here, even with the cast suddenly Maika Wei scored 4 points, Middleton and brother letters ball hit a layup, the Bucks answered with a wave 8-0 offensive. Two teams in offensive efficiency decline, the second half of the first section, labeled Gerber 2nd attack, Hood launched into third, extending the Jazz offense firepower. Bucks not lack shooter: Bayless answered with three-pointers 2 network. One of Harding Park, the Bucks to 19-18 Jazz lead one minute into the second section game. Section two teams are shooting less than 35%.
Section II opening, Bayless feel hot even in 3 three-pointers, for him the basket like an ocean wide. Sir side, Hood 2 consecutive jumper, avoid further expansion of the points difference. Favors lost on the offensive end today, 6 shots and hit only one, but he dished out four clouds of cover, tough no-fly zone to defend Sir. The latter half of the second quarter, Hayward feel warmer launched into third, then assists Gerber dunks. After Monroe hit a jumper, the first half end of the game, the Bucks to 44-40 four minutes into the second half of the Jazz game. Hood 7 of 12 shots in the first half, scored 16 points and 2 rebounds.
The second half began, Favors hit a jumper, the occasional break to play board jumper network, extending the Jazz's offensive firepower. Jabari - Parker today feel the cold, four shots were not fruitless. After half of the third quarter, Hood and Lyles launched into third, approaching the score to help the team, but Myers - Pula Bromley pick Middleton assists dunks give retaliate. Middleton more mistakes today, only three sections appeared five turnovers, many times the ball right plate. Liles not in the third, the third quarter ended, the Jazz lead to 61-60 Bucks 1 minute into the final section of the competition.
Distal opening, Monroe turned hook shot, Middleton also turned back jumper, the Jazz continue to clench score. Last minute, Hayward break layup, the Jazz ahead 7 points, the Bucks this time the offensive flow, and even the hard manufactured only four free throws in a penalty. The last 47 seconds of the opponent Middleton-third foul three free throws, followed by re-launched into third, but behind too much, ultimately the Jazz home win.
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2016/2/6 17:09:03