Nuggets usher in a bull sits at home challenges, with a 16-point lead into the fourth quarter comeback tragic Bull, Crazy Nuggets played the distal margin of 21 points in one fell swoop offensive go-ahead score, last minute Farid tipped succeeded to help the Nuggets lead. Eventually, the home game of the Nuggets to 115-110 victory to win reversal of the bull.

Nuggets data: Danilo - Gallinari 31 points 3 rebounds and 2 assists, Nicholas - Jokic 16 points and 12 rebounds and 2 blocked shots, Emanuel - Mudi Ai 22 points and five assists , Kenneth - Farid 11 points and 11 rebounds. Substitute aspects, Will - Jenson Button 16 points and five rebounds.

Bulls data: Derek - Rose 30 points, nine rebounds and seven assists, Jimmy - Butler injury played only 18 minutes, had 19 points and five assists, Thailand - Gibson 18 points and seven rebounds. Substitute aspects, Doug - McDermott 15 points and two rebounds.

Nuggets start state very well, Jokic and Mudi Ai have been hit in the first to cast open up the situation, followed by Harris attack the basket twice succeeded, the Nuggets prevail lead. Bull's performance, though not as opponents, but thanks to closer to the basket storm biting score, Gibson and Butler successive dunks succeeded, and then back layup caused Butler 2 + 1 hot pursuit score. The two sides are on the defensive end is no good way, simply to continue to fight back, the last paragraph of Gallinari successive fouls and 4 free throws, the Nuggets offense to rely on a steady 30-26 made four-point lead.

Section Bulls back still playing very passive, in the first 3 minutes 23 seconds they only get 2 points, the Nuggets here Barton constantly beaten back, he first hit third, followed by successive screens rely reached the basket layup succeed. Ross critical moment caused by foul free throws to break the deadlock, after McDermott hit three assists, the Bulls played 8-0 offensive to tie the game. To stand in the same starting line so that both sides are extra efforts, the Nuggets here Farid storm into 2 + 1, plus confiscation but to hit the bull side of Butler answered with the same 2 + 1 and hit penalty. Fierce battle at the last minute separation results, with constant offensive rebounds, shooting the bull by the Ross hit and 57-55 lead two minutes into the second half.

Section III return, the Bulls had a poor start to change the performance of their opponents while continuing to guard hit back, Ross took the lead reached the basket with 4 points, followed by Moore hit three-pointers to pull the lead. Nuggets pulled big points difference to play more irritable, Gallinari become a stable team to score points, and in his free throw shooting distance biting score to help the team, but play is also impatient to make them pay, Mu Didier missed two free throws in the last paragraph, suddenly succeeding sights blacksmith Bulls seize the opportunity, McDermott hit three outside, Portis after another dropped long shot, the Bulls in this section once made 18 points lead. Nuggets last paragraph rely consecutive goals Foye slightly to stabilize the situation, three cruised the Bulls 89-73 to establish a 16-point lead.

The last 12 minutes of the fight, a big deficit Nuggets Last Stand, Jokic first to hit the high shot, and then Barton Foye consecutive goals will be worse chase 10. hope. Pause can not stop the Nuggets roared back, Barton took the lead hit the third, even with Houyuejiqi two three-pointers, the Nuggets aggressive offensive originally 16-point deficit down to 5 points. McDermott third critical moment gave the Bulls time to breathe, Ross then hit the shot slightly opened the score. The final decisive moment, the Nuggets offensive still continues, Mudi Ai lead shot succeeded, followed by outside soared in the third, along with Farid two free throws, the Bulls lead is completely smooth. At this momentum has been completely favored Nuggets, Bulls how to vote how not enter, here are constantly beaten the Nuggets, Mudi Ai labeled 2 +1, although add confiscated to hit, but then hit Gallinari shot success go-ahead score. The Bulls entered the countdown stage still repeatedly blacksmith, Bulls reluctantly turned tactical foul, free throw here, but the Nuggets without advanced that they could not hold rebounds, Farid directly tipped to expand the advantage to four points lead. Eventually, the home game of the Nuggets beat the Bulls 115-110 win victory.

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