The game Chelsea Zuma injured truce, but Diego Costa is put on a mask starting debut. Opening game just five minutes to kill William sent an offensive right side cross, Costa ball after a record small angle hit the door, the attack did not hit the ball Elliot, 1-0! Chelsea lead quickly. 9 minutes, Pedro by opponents bad, high-speed plug midfield steals after the formation of single, restricted area arc at the foot Tui, the ball fly to score the door corner, 2-0! Opening less than 10 minutes Chelsea made two goals ahead, but their goal performance continues. The first 16 minutes, Chelsea played brilliant counterattack, Costa sent assists, timely plug William front Tuishe break easily, 3-0! Big deficit Newcastle tried to regain the situation, but never any decent chance Wehnelt Doom close range shot from the perspective of being too Courtois easily resolved. The first 38 minutes, Terry allegedly injured by Baba replaced, then Chelsea almost to expand the score again, but Pedro Tuishe middle Elliot wants. The first half ended, Chelsea with a 3 goal lead into the locker room.

During the break Newcastle aspect Cole Barker replaced with Wöhner Durham. The first 59 minutes, Fabregas pass found Pedro head of the farm, which once again kill to the restricted area Tuishe far corner succeed, 4-0! Traore was subsequently replaced goal hero Costa rest. Big lead Chelsea playing the ball, Newcastle is trying to regain the use of intense scraping the ball, Fabregas and William has been brought down to the ground. The first 67 minutes, Lascelles replace Tiote played, shortly Houdunbiya replaced Milo Te Weiqi, Newcastle exhausted substitutions. Final moments Chelsea still did not stop scoring, the first 83 minutes, Azar straight find Azpilicueta, which a little ball into the box, place Traore outflank shovel broke, 5-0! Newcastle did not give up hope, the first 89 minutes, long-range Townsend scored first for Newcastle to save a trace of face, 5-1! Final match will end, Chelsea 5-1 sweep of Newcastle.

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2016/2/14 17:20:24