Manchester recent state rebound, nearly three Premier League matches unbeaten, the last round of the Premier League last-minute equalizer helpless Costa 1-1 draw with Chelsea. The Sunderland relegation situation is very serious, the last four league 2 draws and 2 losses without victory, the last round of Premier League draw with Liverpool, but the problem remains formidable defense, ranked only standings penultimate position. The campaign Manchester United up to six people wounded including Valencia, Rojo, Phil - Jones et al., Shinaidelin replace Fellaini starter, O'Shea starting to play former team. Game start. The first 2 minutes, after which a direct free kick in the Caza bomb incident on corners, 1-0! Slow motion Degea judgment by Defoe interference. The first 10 minutes, Manchester United formation spared inside the penalty area, and finally by Defoe could not poke the power problems. The first 14 minutes, strain the situation appears Luodeweier replaced Kirchhoff. The first 25 minutes, Cattermole outside the area long-range hit the target community. After 2 minutes, Sunderland before Fanqiang, and ultimately by Defoe completed high kick hit the shot in the penalty area. The first 30 minutes, Mata long shots from outside the box is too positive, get Mannone is. The first 37 minutes, Damian and Abkhaz cause a dislocated shoulder in a collision to be replaced teenager Carrefour. After 1 minute, Mata Tui restricted area arc arch at Mannone was blocked with one hand, with the Houmaxiaer keep a record lob the net, 1-1! Sunderland 1-1 Manchester United temporarily halftime.

Easy side battles the second half. The first 49 minutes, Rooney face was unconscious with my hand hit the ball in the penalty area, the referee ignored. The first 53 minutes, fell to the ground inside the restricted area Blinder denied Defoe low shot at close range. The first 57 minutes, Mata body side toppled Mwila booked. After 1 minute, midfielder Michael Carrick booked for a foul. The first 60 minutes, Sunderland quick counterattack, En Duoye frontcourt formation of single Tui restricted area was Degea legs blocked. After 1 minute, Lingard was replaced Pres. The first 64 minutes, in Abkhazia direct free kick was Degea get directly. The first 67 minutes, Mata Tui blocked inside the restricted area Luodeweier inside the area. The first 70 minutes, replaced Borigni Defoe. After 1 minute, Degea denied En Duoye buckle after the hit the door guard. The first 79 minutes, then Jackson left Memphis inverted triangle pass low shot flew Mannone. After 2 minutes, Kone nodded the ball after a corner caused Degea Oolong help the team ahead again, 2-1! The first 85 minutes, Cattermole replaced Toivonen, Keane replaced Shinaidelin. The first 87 minutes, Mannone saved Memphis, shot after cutting inside. In the end, Manchester United lost 1-2 away to Sunderland.

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