The first leg of this season, both games against Napoli 2-1 win, the game because the defender Chiellini injured, Allegri evolutions back four, Cuadrado starting debut, midfielder Khedira FireWire comeback. Both sides had access to multi-match winning streak, Higuain is currently ranked scorer with 24 goals first name, Diba La Juve to score in four consecutive games, the fiery state. After opening the two sides will soon enter the state, in the midfield fierce exchange. The first 16 minutes, Hedi defense and Bonucci collision, which fall to the ground, re-enter the game after emergency treatment on the sidelines. The first 20 minutes, Juve before the games positioning the ball opportunities, Boba takes the free-kick struck the column wide. Juventus home game this time gradually take the initiative, Marchisio, Di Bala and Boba has long-range kicker, Napoli defense but have been resolved. Naples began manufacturing hold its ground in front of danger Juve, Hysaj pass was struggling to recover back Bonucci siege. The first 37 minutes, if the day Mourinho takes the corner, close Albiol grab shot saved by Buffon was quick to respond. First half ended, the two sides into a 0-0 battle temporarily.

During the break neither substitutions adjustments. Just opening the second half, Juve appeared in front of danger, Yin Xinie near the baseline after continuous shaking extraordinary small-angle shot blocked by Buffon. The first 52 minutes, Lu Jiani Bonucci injury can not be replaced insisted. Shortly after, Allegri again substitutions, Zaza debut replaced Morata. The first 63 minutes, after stopping the chest Boba sent pass, Di Bala foot shot after the ball, the ball slightly over the bar. 77 minutes, Mertens Yin Xinie be replaced. Not much to make the other two sides in the middle of the scraping very positive, solid defense. As the game drew to a close the two sides want lore opponents, the first 80 minutes, Hamsik kill the ball to the frontier closed area suddenly Shi Leng Jian, the ball slightly higher. The first 88 minutes, Zaza frontier closed area after continuous lateral dribbling suddenly kicker, Reina fighting less than 1-0! Final match will end, Juventus 1-0 victory over Naples, the league has made 15 straight, Naples 8 game winning streak ended.

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2016/2/14 17:28:19