Round before the game, AC Milan, ranked sixth in the standings, the rest of the game they will be best for Champions League qualification for next season to start the sprint, and the current round of Milan rivals Genoa is ranked sixteenth, two teams of the gap is quite obvious. Opening the first 4 minutes, Keisuke Honda, left foot shot burst is flying goalkeeper saved the bottom line. The first 5 minutes, Milan put in the corner to find a point after Vaca, Vaca after stopping right foot volley to break, the score became 1-0, playing at home Rossoneri lead. The first 13 minutes, shot burst Bonaventura put anti-aircraft guns. The first 23 minutes, Bonaventura Desi Leo received a pass header was confiscated by the goalkeeper. The first 31 minutes, Antonelli Zhisai find Vaca, but the latter hit the door was quickly sliding tackles Palin attack damage. The first 38 minutes, Suso back to do to Rigoni, Rigoni long-range back denied. 44 minutes, received a teammate Zhise Vaca hit the door failed, the referee signaled the ball offside.

Easy side battles, the first 51 minutes, Montolivo tries a through ball Perpignan connection, but the latter in an offside position. The first 53 minutes, Bonaventure opened the left corner, Romagnoli header just wide. The first 54 minutes, Bonaventura peripheral hit long-range high. The first 60 minutes, great shot after Bonaventure Tulaneiqie was goalkeeper. The first 63 minutes, Keisuke Honda, 40 meters away direct long-range kicker, after the ball bounced straight into the corner! The score became 2-0! The first 70 minutes, Silva inside the restricted area Zhengding Bonaventura knocked down, but the referee said no. The first 75 minutes, Montolivo shot burst at the top of the arc in the pop-up column. The first 83 minutes, playing Polly replaced Montolivo, Desi Leo wear the captain's armband. Injury time, Genoa back in the external long-range saved by goalkeeper, to keep up with Qieer Qi blank range header broke to rewrite the score to 2-1. Since then both sides had no achievements, the final 2-1 win over rivals AC Milan.

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