Round before the game, Liverpool Ranked ninth in the standings from Everton in front of has a gap 16 goal difference, while Aston Villa are bottom of the rankings this season is likely to be degraded. Opening the first 7 minutes, Abanglahuo back in hand, the final ball siege Toure Toure contend with. The first 16 minutes, Liverpool made the first goal, winger Coutinho, Sturridge headed home, The score became 0-1. The first 25 minutes, Milner kick, the ball did not hit Zhengding Nicolas within the restricted area, but his actions affected the judgment of the goalkeeper, the ball flew straight into the goal, the score became 0-2. The first 30 minutes, Henderson Road, grab shot was blocked the bottom line opponents. The first 41 minutes, Baku Na external long-range hit the defender who pop edge.

Easy side battles, the first 53 minutes, forcing Klein's shot not marked strength. The first 58 minutes, Phil Mino cross-knock, Emre - Zhan Tui orders from outside the box beyond the reach of the goalkeeper, the score became 0-3. 63 minutes, Coutinho sent straight plug, just off the bench Ao Liji Tuishe score became 0-4. The first 66 minutes, Klein shot inside the restricted area was Boone stopped, then he scored again to keep up with blank range, scored three goals within five minutes of Liverpool have five-goal lead. The first 71 minutes, Henderson out of the corner, easily Toure headed meritorious deeds, the score became 0-6. 81 minutes, Sinclair's long-range hit the lintel pop. Since then both sides had no achievements, the final victory over rivals Liverpool away six goals.

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