Injury-plagued Bayern suffered another hit before the game, defender Badstuber ankle fracture in training, will be missing injured for three months, before the Bayern team also put on a T-shirt to cheer for him. Since the last round of Alonso red card suspension, the field Bayern defender is no longer available, Alabama forced guest, just back from injury Bernat also entered the starter. Expand the game in the rain. 9 minutes, Robben cut inside the cross, Tiago Ying blasts the ball a little higher. Bayern occupy possession advantage, but Bayern Augsburg use, there are many opportunities for mistakes. The first 13 minutes, Max steals a long pass to find Bobadilla, but the latter's shot did not play on the power. The first 15 minutes, Muller cross, the ball turned Levante Tui, the ball flew into the far corner, 1-0! Levante scored 20 league goals, was the top scorer tied Aubameyang. The first 22 minutes, Lahm cross, Levante's shot struck the column wide. Bayern lead the score gradually slowed down the pace attack, but still control the field situation, Arjen Robben and Vidal has found scoring chances. The first half ended, temporarily one goal lead Bayern Augsburg.

Easy side battles the second half, just getting on the field shortly after Robben cut inside shot slightly higher, followed by Costa Hitz small-angle shot was resolved. The first 55 minutes, even for the two of Augsburg, Koo Ja-Cheol and Trochowski is Ai Siwei replaced by Weick and Mora. With Houbidaer injury can not insist replaced by Rafinha, Alabama opponents also knocked teeth. 62 minutes, Tiago long pass through the defense Augsburg, Levante after the formation of single ball, the face of attack Hitz Tui far corner to break, 2-0! Levante with 21 league goals scorer boarded first name. Bayern controls the strength of the dominant rhythm of the field, Augsburg seemed way much. The first 78 minutes, Costa pass, Muller towards the ball blasts, 3-0! Muller scored his 15th league goal. The first 82 minutes, Bayern even for two people, and Rod Coleman replaced Costa and Ram. The first 86 minutes, Augsburg played up front with continuous, Bobadilla had the ball turned and shot the ball into the bottom right corner, 3-1! The final whistle, Bayern Munich 3-1 victory over Augsburg.

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2016/2/15 17:41:32