The first 5 minutes, Bernard reached the restricted area Gaussian counterattack foot shot, the ball fell to the ground saved by Handanovic. 7 minutes, Erie Milicic left the ball broke into the restricted area hit the door, Handanovic room to move to defuse dangerous situations. The first 14 minutes, hit back to Florence, Erie Milicic Road Zhise, Bernard got the ball left the restricted area Gaussian inverted triangle cross, Erie Milicic follow-up hit the door, the ball was in front of the goal line Teles siege. The first 26 minutes, the former Hole Biya sent Zhise restricted, restricted the right of cross-knock Palacio, Brozovic Road outflank broke, 1-0! The first 45 minutes, Florence 45 degrees from the left the ball in the penalty area Vecino central leaping header, the ball was out of Handanovic single palm rest.

Easy side battles, the first 50 minutes, Erie Milicic missed long-range outside the area. The first 60 minutes, Bernard Sharansky right pass, Murillo point before the clearance becomes Oolong assists, Valero nodded the ball after the break, 1-1! The first 70 minutes, Erie Milicic direct free kick hit the door over the bar. The first 82 minutes, Teles defense stumble Benard Chomsky eat in this field a second yellow card sent off. The first minute of stoppage time, Zarate left the restricted area the shot was saved by Handanovic, Babacar tip-break, 1-2! But slow motion seems offside when Babacar ball. This Housalate Hole Shakespeare and has to leave the red card, but the two men did not leave much impact on the results. Cruised to the final audience, Inter Milan 1-2 away Florence was reversed, continues to rank fifth in the league, but after the win beyond Florence to Rome, came third in the standings.

2016/2/15 17:44:29