After mating with Neymar reached the restricted area, but unfortunately the last small-angle shot was goalkeeper confiscated. The first 24 minutes, Messi free kick to the front of Suarez's header failed to top the positive. After 1 minute, turned the ball inside the penalty area Planas volley hit the door, Bravo saved the ball flying. The first 28 minutes, Messi direct free kick from the center, the ball flying upper right corner to score the door, 1-0! The first 38 minutes, Alba foul in the penalty area gave opponents a penalty, Guidetti kick hit the 1-1! The first 45 minutes, Alba left inverted triangle return, Neymar keep up volley missed. Halftime, the two sides fight a draw.

Easy side battles, 47 minutes, Neymar left continuous breakthrough cross-knock before Suarez outflank Tuishe hit the post bounce, Roberto blank range to keep the same target. The first 59 minutes, Messi cross the frontier closed area, keep Dianshe Suarez broke, 2-1! The first 66 minutes, before the market Guyidedi small angle hit the door above. The first 75 minutes, sent Zhise Meixineiqie later, Neymar got the ball over the goalkeeper after a cross struck out, Suarez ball back of the net, 3-1! The first 81 minutes, Messi restricted area foul, Barca won a penalty. Messi and Suarez copy Cruyff and Olson penalty fit. Macy lightweight wave, Suarez hat-trick to keep up Tuishe, 4-1! The first 85 minutes, Suarez restricted area before the cross, Rakitic Plug lob break, 5-1! Injury time, Suarez right crossing the ball, Neymar keep stopping and shoots quickly, the ball flying into the net nest, 6-1! Cruised to the final audience, Barcelona 6-1 home victory over Celta Vigo, continues to rank first in the league.

2016/2/15 17:47:47