Both the first leg games against the Spurs home victory over Manchester City. After the start of the game the two sides into the state faster, scraping the floor very positive. The first 10 minutes, Fernando pass, Aguero kept the ball directly to a shot fly stands. The first 17 minutes, Otamendi header was Lori flying resolved. This time Manchester City gradually occupy the field initiative, Otamendi and Stirling has shot blocked defender. The first 28 minutes, after receiving the Son Heung-Min Eriksson pass long-range kicker outside the area saved by Hart, this is the game for the first time the Spurs shot is. Tottenham had occupied the advantage, but the threat of Manchester City penalty area caused limited Deere also tried a long-range kick but could not hit. First half ended, the two sides into a 0-0 battle temporarily.

During the break neither substitutions adjustments. Opening the second half shortly Kompany Ali booked for a foul. The first 49 minutes, the ball cross restricted Toure, Aguero shot over the bar directly plugged again. The first 52 minutes, Ross crosses the ball in Stirling arm, the referee whistled for handball, Tottenham won a penalty opportunity. Kane surgeon fool Hart easily hit, 0-1! The first 59 minutes, Manchester City also received an opportunity, Yaya Toure free kick direct center of the box hit the crossbar. Manchester City lost the ball after a continuous attack, Aguero, Silva and Toure but failed to score. The first 66 minutes, Manchester City took the lead substitutions adjustment, replaced Fernando was Iheanacho. The first 74 minutes, Clichy cross the ball restricted area, just to keep up with the rapid appearance of Iheanacho foot volley, Lori fighting less than 1-1! Tottenham did not give up fighting away, 83 minutes, Lamela steals fought back, straight ball found Eriksson, who succeeded in the face Hart Tui near corner, 1-2! Scores leading Tottenham win the ball Kane direct long-range center of the box just wide. Manchester City almost the final moments to tie the game, but Silva Mianduikongmen shot higher. Final match will end, Manchester City lost 1-2 at Tottenham this season encounter opponents double play. Tottenham made after winning five straight league, Manchester City is a two-game losing streak.

2016/2/15 17:49:37