Ranking standings after half Arsenal due Jinji Lun poor performance standings has dropped to third, while Leicester are firmly occupy the top position, leading up to 5 points behind the team more can be said that the outcome of this contest for the championship this season, the Premier League has a great impact. Opening the first 2 minutes, Arsenal left corner, beat defender Sanchez leaping header from the center, the ball just wide of the left goal post. 9 minutes, Chamberlain restricted area of ​​the cross was destroyed Canterbury, but the ball is suspected handball foul. The first 14 minutes, Shinji Okazaki after receiving his teammates through ball hit the door, but the referee signaled offside. The first 21 minutes, restricted the right of cross-knock Chamberlain, Giroux Qiangdian hit the door was goalkeeper confiscated. The first 26 minutes, Chamberlain inverted triangle pass, Sanchez towards the ball blasts by JPMorgan with the body denied the bottom line. 32 minutes after the break Giroux headed rub, but the ball offside. The first 39 minutes, Conte beautiful curve ball in the instep box is flying Cech saved the bottom line. The first 44 minutes, Valdivia in the penalty area fell to the ground after the physical contact with Monreal occurred, the referee ordered a penalty kick, Waldi surgeon personally kick hit, the score became 0-1. But slow motion shows that the penalty is debatable.

Easy side battles, the first 47 minutes, the restricted area right foot hit the door Giroux was defensive player denied. The first 53 minutes, Giroux header over the crossbar. The first 54 minutes, Simpson Giroux foul, the referee to show him a second yellow card in the game, Simpson reluctantly sent off, the rest of the game Leicester City ten men. 60 minutes, Sanchez received a pass in the penalty area after a teammate Qiangdian shot blocked by defender bottom line. The first 71 minutes, Arsenal equalized, received a teammate pass after header ferry, the right to keep up with the Tui succeeded Walcott Giroux within the restricted area, the score became 1-1. 74 minutes, the restricted area volley Giroux side hook, the ball hit the arm Huth, but the referee did not fine handball! The first 78 minutes, Conte's sudden long-range missed. 83 minutes, Welbeck Substitution Chamberlain. The first 95 minutes, Ozil out of positioning the ball, coming off the bench to complete lore Welbeck headed home! twenty one! Since then both sides had no achievements, the final Arsenal beat Leicester City 2-1.

2016/2/15 17:50:39