For me the most important thing is to maintain the current state, compared to the goal, I think it can help the team win is more important, while in the Champions League goal even more important, because only those great shooter such as C Ronaldo, Messi, Raul, Inzaghi and Henry in order to show themselves in the Champions League. I am very satisfied with their own state, I need to keep living. "Benzema said in an interview with bookmakers Betfair.

For tomorrow's game against Roma, Benzema said: "We should pay attention to the speed of their players, which might give us trouble they will go all out to win at home, we will do so, because the first leg match. results crucial. we have a good enough team, if the team is in the best condition, we can win the game. for me, Real Madrid is the best team in the world. "

Benzema Real Madrid coach also praised Zidane: "Zidane, a player is very great, and now as a coach he brings to the team a lot of positive things, every day I can learn a lot from him is not just. I, Zidane in the team can learn a thing, because Zidane very know the ball. "

Ronaldo Benzema represents a great influence on him:. "Ronaldo's playing style influenced me, I saw him after the game had to mimic his movements, but he was not easy to be one of the best players in the history. 

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2016/2/16 17:20:27