Zidane with a victory today completed his debut in the Champions League, for which Zidane said: "This is a very special day, we played well also won, but the race is not easy, Rome is a very formidable opponent. knockout suspense did not end, 2-0 away win is a good result, but we still have the second leg to play. we can sleep well tonight, and then tomorrow well prepared from the league game against Malaga. "

Real Madrid this game uncharacteristically played better than the first half, second half, which Zidane said: "This is normal, since the home game opponents oppression very tight game but we played better than before all away. we can say that zero-closure opponents in this game is the most important goal, we also gain a second goal. we are a team, even if less players played for the team contributed to the victory of the whole team efforts of . "

Cristiano in particular went to the bench after the goal and celebrate with Zidane, Zizou which said: "I am very glad he came here to celebrate me, but I'm even more happy he scores goals everyone wants him. , and then he did it .Cristiano played well, other people, all the players are very important for the team. I am very pleased to be working with them, along with the possibility of seeking further. "

Zidane said he did not see the opponent's penalty appeal.

Zidane also talked about the way the players celebrate after scoring: "This is a signal that tells us to repeat what we now are still far away from the final, second leg but still difficult to see the players together to celebrate. goals for a coach is very happy thing.

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2016/2/18 17:28:06