In the last round of league, Barcelona made a 6-1 victory, not only made the 9998 ball team history, and a game is still 3 points advantage lead the standings; and Sporting Gijon last 4 games, 2 draws and 2 victory, success out of the relegation zone, the team from La Masia youth academy's top scorer Sanabria did not enter the competition squad, on loan from Barcelona comes Halilovic were given a starting opportunity.

After the start of the game, Barcelona will soon enter the state, 2 minutes, Messi left straight plug, Adriano biography, Rakitic periphery long missed. 8 minutes, Sporting Gijon counterattack, Halilovic ball out of defense after the ball straight to Maney Enders, who shovel slip out the door. The first 17 minutes, Lee Malinowski during the siege accidentally injure teammate Vladimir, who head bleeding end treatment. The first 20 minutes, Neymar straight Suarez, whose low shot blocked by goalkeeper Cuellar. The first 24 minutes, Messi closed perimeter defender Akira opened after long-range kicker, the ball crashed into the net. The score was 0-1! This goal is to Macy individual 300th league goals. Sporting Gijon lost the ball immediately after the counter-attack, the first 26 minutes, Castro left wing cross by teammate Chan She break, to rewrite the score was 1-1! 4 minutes later, Messi cross Suarez, the latter back to do, Messi quickly plug shot to break, the score becomes 1-2! This goal is Basa Luo 10,000th ball! Subsequently, Barca comeback, Messi Tui was flapping, the ball Neymar clever shot in the column. The first 36 minutes, Barca back, left wing into the penalty area after Neymar continuous spike extraordinary, but he shot wide of the far corner. Before halftime, Barcelona will accelerate the pace of the game, but the two sides failed to score again.

Easy side battles, Barca continued to exert pressure with the attack, the first 47 minutes, a long pass periphery Barcelona, ​​Pique shot was inside the restricted area barb Cuellar get. The first 55 minutes, Suarez and Lionel Messi with Sporting Gijon caused chaos inside the penalty area, Neymar barb shot higher. The first 60 minutes when the ball was inside the penalty area Neymar counterattack Cuellar throw, the referee ordered a penalty kick to Cuellar yellow card. However kick Suarez has missed the opportunity to expand the score, and his penalty was saved Cuellar! With Hou Xihong Athletic fought back, Maney Enders long shots hit. The first 67 minutes, Suarez restricted the right of the ball, turned and buckle with his left foot after the defender pulled a foot curve ball, the ball hit the post after a bomb net nest, to rewrite the score was 1-3! Subsequently, Sporting Gijon adjustments to make substitutions, and Johnny Lopez Castro and Perez are replaced debut. The first 70 minutes, Messi left cross, Turan plug one end of the arch, the ball sliding doors. After 3 minutes, Sporting Gijon last made a substitution, Barrera replaced Maney Enders. The first 77 minutes, Busquets was brought down, and then he threw the ball angry protest, the referee is shown a yellow card. The first 80 minutes, Mascherano and Busquets and Pique replaced Batra. Before the end of the game, Kaneiliya booked for a foul. Eventually, as the referee's whistle, the audience end of the game, Barcelona beat Sporting Gijon 3-1. After the game, Barcelona by six points ahead of Atletico Madrid and continue to lead in the standings.

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2016/2/18 17:32:35