Marcelo Real Madrid game back from injury, although De Rossi Rome side selected squad, but not starting debut. 8 minutes, Real Madrid get a free kick opportunity, Cristiano ball low and flat doors sliding doors. The first 17 minutes, Perotti biography found Chaaraoui keep up, hit the door barely Chaaraoui general effect. The first 22 minutes, Real Madrid won the corner kick opportunities, Benzema headed the top high. 33 minutes, Cristiano find Marcelo, whose long-range just wide. The first 42 minutes, Salah right break to create chaos, Florencio Qi shot hit the side-netting. Halftime, the two sides had no achievements.

Easy side battles, the first 48 minutes, Carbajal counterattack reached the restricted low shot to give Szczesny. The first 54 minutes, Nayingelan plagioclase pass found Chaaraoui form a quasi-single-pole, fortunately Navas defuse dangerous situations in time to attack. 56 minutes, Cristiano Marcelo left then forward pass, Akira opened the door Florencia Qi curve ball tag through corners, 1-0!

61 minutes, Benzema left rear door was cut low, flat ball get Szczesny. The first 63 minutes, both sides at the same time make personnel adjustments Cova Zupančič and substitute Isco and Dzeko were Chaaraoui appearance. The first 66 minutes, Nayingelan Road Zhise, Salah inside the penalty area Tongshe angle being too get Navas. The first 72 minutes, and dominant within the restricted area back to do, Wan Quayle keep rubbing the right column flying long-range goal. After 1 minute, J Lo cross from the right found Cristiano, but the small-angle shot Cristiano least bit of difference. The first 77 minutes, Real Madrid put a cross in the penalty area caused confusion in Rome, but Benzema's header was defender siege. Then Roman De Rossi put changing play three guards. The first 79 minutes, Benzema back in the long shots were Szczesny. The first 79 minutes, breaking the left rear Perotti superimpose Dzeko, which small angle hit the door hit the side net. The first 80 minutes, Florencio Qi into the restricted area fell to the ground with a tackle Carvajal fell after physical contact, but the referee did not make representation. The first 86 minutes, Hesse counterattack reached the restricted low shot the ball into the far corner, 2-0! This Houtuo Di debut but has been powerless. Overall final Harding Park, Real Madrid 2-0 Lectra Rome, made a qualifying opportunities.

2016/2/18 17:33:15