The game is Dortmund and Porto in the race for the first time played against Dortmund team had to face Portugal 3 wins, 3 draws undefeated, both overwhelmed grips also eye-catching. After the start of the game, both sides quickly into the rhythm, launched on all words. The opening five minutes, Dortmund took the lead after out tactical corner, Pishi Cech Qiangdian right Dianshe by Casillas denied, then he succeeded blank range header, the score becomes 1-0! After the lead, Dortmund played more patiently, while Porto have not been able to organize an effective attack. The first 26 minutes, Dortmund issued tactical corner, Royce left hit the door directly above. Two minutes later, Dortmund left offensive, Schmelzer direct shot hit the side-netting. The first 31 minutes, Royce left cross knock, fell to the ground shot wide of the restricted area Kagawa. Subsequently, Porto fired back, Oliveira received a direct hit the door after teammate cross, Buer Ji hold the ball. The first 35 minutes, Hummels pass in the left Mkhitaryan header top high. Thereafter, Dortmund continued to control the game before halftime, the two sides failed to score again.

Easy side battles, neither substitutions. The first 56 minutes, Weigel Road ball forward, Kagawa kicker shot after the ball to adjust, Casillas hold the ball. Subsequently, Shaheen was replaced Lightner. After 1 minute, Varela behind the uprooting Royce is shown a yellow card the referee, then Porto adjustments to make substitutions, replaced Andrei Brahimi. The first 64 minutes, Dortmund missed scoring opportunities, Kagawa Tui was to get Royce, which direct volley, loss of balance Kagawa ball denied the bottom line. Dortmund firmly grasp the pace of the game, FC Porto was unable to create scoring opportunities. The first 70 minutes to expand the score Dortmund, Kagawa and give the right of Mkhitaryan, the latter back to do, Royce towards the ball shot hit him in the indi refracted Casillas helpless, the score becomes 2 -0! The first 76 minutes, Evandro Oliveira replace play. After 1 minute, Hummels tackles backcourt tipped Mariga, Evandro then kicked Leitner is booked. The first 84 minutes, Mkhitaryan header hoisting Casillas flutter a bit later hit the post. Subsequently, Royce and Shinji Kagawa was replaced. Before the end of the game, Buer Ji continuous fighting preserve the clean sheet. Eventually, as the referee's whistle, the audience end of the game, Dortmund 2-0 victory over Porto. The two sides will contest the second leg in February 26.

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