3 minutes, Costa Philip Fernandez pass was rescue, Bobadilla keep up towards the ball blasts hit high. 9 minutes, Phil minocycline in the closed top of the defender Akira Tui, Hitz ball resolve. The first 23 minutes, Bobadilla was injured Karyo than replaced. The first 26 minutes, Augsburg throw throw, peripheral Altintop kick low drive was Minnie Ole. The first 35 minutes, Liverpool fought back, Sturridge ball after defender Akira opened long-range kicker, the ball was defender denied the bottom line. 41 minutes, Coutinho backcourt steals by Cole, but Cole then hit the door wide. Harding Park half, the two sides goalless draw.

Easy side battles, the first 51 minutes, Coutinho peripheral Tui target. The first 55 minutes, Werner back in the sudden Shi Leng Jian just wide. The first 59 minutes, Weihai Ge free kick in the defensive almost own goal, fortunately timely reaction Hitz ball confiscated. The first 71 minutes, Moreno peripheral sudden Shi Leng Jian, Hitz rapid response saved the ball bottom line. The first 73 minutes, Werner complained to the referee booked. The first 76 minutes, Weihai Ge right pass, outflanking Costa Philip Fernandez missed. The first 77 minutes, Moreno tactical foul booked. The first 80 minutes, both sides at the same time make personnel adjustments, replaced Werner Ji Dong-won, and Eby replaced Milner. 86 minutes, restricted the right of low-lying ball Eby door was obtained Hitz. Looking back, Karyo than heading for the ferry, pool Eastern volley hit the door hit the post pop-up. 89 minutes, Coutinho counterattack hit the door was back he denied the bottom line. Cruised to the final audience, Liverpool 0-0 draw in Augsburg, second leg match will move to Anfield.

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