Last time the two teams played against this season six, Real Madrid 0-0 boring level opponents. Ramos was the first goal scored by the Spanish Zidane subtle assists, and after a lapse of ten years, Zidane has become Real Madrid coach, but Ramos then has grown to Real Madrid captain. From the fans perspective, it is frustrating, there are ups and downs of a decade memories. The last round of league defeat Real Madrid 4-2 Athletic Bilbao, Guevara becomes a red two yellow ejected after the game appeal also unsuccessful. We will miss in this game Valla. Rick just experienced the Champions League in Rome, are the next round of the Madrid derby, Real Madrid must not be lost of the game, so the game Zidane make rotation. Game start. 3 minutes, Isco restricted area defensive player and turned Maguo foot shot but was defensive player he denied flying! 8 minutes, Real Madrid won the corner kick opportunities, Ramos leaping header but was denied goalkeeper. The first 14 minutes, but science periphery try to hit the door over the bar. The first 17 minutes, Jesse small angle hit the door but was goalkeeper blocked. The first 21 minutes, Malaga Fanqiang successful before the court, after the point of outflanking the face of Ricardo almost empty but hit the side-line! Regret missed opportunities. The first 30 minutes, Cristiano and when other players fell to the ground scraping, fortunately does not matter. The first 32 minutes, Real Madrid before the games kick opportunities, Cristiano header Qiangdian broke, 0-1! Cristiano scored the first face Malaga 15 goals, which scored the most goals in the face of Malaga player. But replays showed the ball offside. The first 35 minutes, is Cristiano! Willig was brought down inside the area Benton, the referee decisive penalty and a yellow card, but Kameni will be Cristiano's penalty kick saved accurate! The first 39 minutes, Malaga attack, within science Navas restricted area Tui was a single palm rest. The first 45 minutes, Carbajal straight to Cristiano but was offside. Then the end of the first half, with Cristiano's goal, Real Madrid Malaga 1-0 lead into the intermission.

Easy side battles the second half. 49 minutes, left the restricted area shot hit Ricardo Ramos on the arm but referee did not a penalty. 56 minutes, Cristiano try long shots but was saved by goalkeeper cross body. The first 59 minutes, Hu Ampuy and science successive shot twice failed to hit the target. The first 61 minutes, Real Madrid took the lead to make substitutions adjustment, replaced Jesse Vazquez bench. The first 66 minutes, Malaga won the corner kick opportunities, Willig Dayton was within the restricted cross ball after Al Ventosa, La Rioja within the restricted area unmarked point outflank the ball into the 1-1! The two sides back to the same starting line. The first 72 minutes, Marcelo left the restricted area shot but slightly off the goal. 75 minutes, restricted the right of Charles Navas flying header was saved. Subsequently, J Lo substitute Isco replaced. The first 79 minutes, the right side of the ball directly into the restricted area Cristiano kicker hit the door but at the defenders interference deviate from the goal. 81 minutes, substitute science is Santa Cruz replaced. The first 85 minutes, the restricted area within Willig Dayton teammates accidental injury, to suspend the game, but fortunately did not cause illness, the game continues. 92 minutes, J Lo teammate pass in the penalty area but the center of the box is Kameni fire fell in the bag. In the end, the score remained 1-1 to the whistle, with both goalkeepers excellent play, Real Madrid 1-1 Malaga Hanping.

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