In the last round of the league, lost 0-1 to Juventus Napoli, while AC Milan beat Genoa 2-1. After the opening home game of the Naples lead attack, left Luyinxinie frequently making threats. 9 minutes, Bonaventura reached the restricted area after cutting inside the left shot, he denied the bottom line. Subsequently, if the day Mourinho, Hamsik and has won both Yin Xinie scoring chances, but they were shot wide of goal. The first 19 minutes, Higuain received a teammate on the right Zhise turned and shot, the ball wide of the far corner after a bit rushed. Yuezhanyueyong Naples, while AC Milan seems not in the state, can not produce the threat of attack. The first 30 minutes, Higuain chest, stopping the restricted area after the siege, Yin Xinie keep rub shot, the ball wide of the far corner. Two minutes later, Kalie Hong Higuain received a pass, his low shot was confiscated Downer Ruma. The first 34 minutes, Higuain suddenly left the ball straight, Kalie Hong plug Tongshe missed. Subsequently, Higuain steals sudden, but his shot was defender denied the bottom line. The first 38 minutes, to break the deadlock in Naples, Yin Xinie restricted area outside the long-range, the ball rolled into the dead after refraction Downer Ruma beyond the reach of the score becomes 1-0! The first 43 minutes, Keisuke Honda, the right pass, plug points after Bonaventura into the near corner, the score becomes 1-1! Subsequently, the two sides with the score 1-1 into the intermission.

Easy side battles, both sides scraping the midfield remains fierce, but it is difficult to create opportunities threatening. 53 minutes, Xi Sayi peripheral hit long-range high. The first 63 minutes, Naples substitutions, Kalie Hong replaced by Mertens. The first 65 minutes, Napoli missed scoring opportunities after Mertens direct free kick blocked, swept the ball into the penalty area on the right, Mertens shot hit the distal end of the post! The first 66 minutes, Montolivo foul was a yellow card warning. The first 72 minutes, Domenech replaced Baca. The first 80 minutes, Naples again substitutions, 加比亚迪尼 replaced. Subsequently, Higuain received a pass in the middle of his teammates after the left foot shot, the ball touching the column wide. The first 82 minutes, AC Milan with Bertone Rudge replaced Montolivo. Two minutes later, Menezes pass, Niang left the restricted area shot the ball wide of the right post. The first 86 minutes, Yin Xinie after receiving Mertens winger ball at center of the box right foot shot, the ball above the top right corner. Subsequently, Balotelli replaced Niang, Naples replaced by Yin Xinie in Kadugli. Eventually, as the referee's whistle, game over, Naples 1-1 draw at home to AC Milan.

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