Before the game, Shrewsbury eliminated Sheffield Wednesday broke into the first five; and Manchester United in the European Cup just game road loss in Jutland, team morale, in order to use the victory to boost morale, Van Gaal to make removal of the main campaign. Opening 1 minute, Manchester United won the corner kick, Smolin header hoisting hit high. 9 minutes, left the restricted area buckle Memphis after defender left foot low shot was saved by goalkeeper into the far corner. Manchester United firmly grasp the pace of the game, continue to put pressure on opponents, and Shrewsbury difficult to manufacture a threat. The first 25 minutes, Manchester United kick, Pres choose a direct shot, the ball in the Marshall head up the bottom line. Memphis after receiving a pass within the first 27 minutes, Marshall restricted area shot the ball refraction last several defensive players in front of the ball with ease. The first 38 minutes, Jackson Houchangchangzhuan, I'm on the right after Schneider header Zhengding, the ball fell to the foot of Smolin, he shot shells Earth kick, the ball flying into the net nest, into a 0-1 score! Before halftime, White Brid stumble Marshall was a yellow card, Manchester United kick. Mata direct free kick shot, the ball fly to score the door through the wall, Jason no response, the score became 0-2! Then the two sides into the intermission.

Easy side battles, both sides make substitutions, Riley replaced Jackson with Manchester United, Shrewsbury is replaced by Cole Poxi Wa. Manchester United continued oppression of opponents, the first 53 minutes, after cutting inside the left Memphis kicker shot, the ball was defensive player rubs the target. Manchester United subsequently issued tactical corner, Mata cross inside the penalty area, nearby Marshall headed even higher top. 61 minutes, Matta left knock, Herrera with a cross on the right, after the flag of Lin Jiade Chanshe break, the score becomes 0-3! The first 65 minutes, Pereira replaced goal hero Mata. The first 71 minutes, Manchester United spent the last substitutions, Keane replaced Marshall. Then, after Memphis with ball assigned to the right, Lin Jiade shot wide of the near corner. 73 minutes, Pereira sent Zhise through continuous with Hou Jien shot hit the post. After 3 minutes, suffered against Manchester United, Keane limped off just play, since run out of substitutions, Manchester United had to 10 men. The first 76 minutes, Shrewsbury obtain positioning the ball in the restricted area of ​​competition, Shrewsbury player collision goalkeeper fouls. Statistics show that people still do not have a shot in Shrewsbury, while Manchester United reached the number shot 23 times. The first 80 minutes, Shrewsbury substitutions, Clark replaced Ake Pa. Although a few people fighting, but United are still in control of the tempo. Before the end of the game, Pereira missed the opportunity to single-handedly. Eventually, as the referee's whistle, the audience end of the game, Manchester United 3-0 away victory over Shrewsbury, Manchester United will face West Ham in the next round of the FA Cup.

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