Walker went away still winless 76ers game which Paul - George outstanding performance, scored 34 points, including a single in the third quarter, scored 21 points, under his leadership, the Pacers early on opened the score. Ultimately, the Pacers on the road to 112-85 victory over the 76ers, gave opponents 12-game losing streak.

Pacers data: Paul - George 34 points and 8 rebounds, 5 assists and 4 steals, CJ- Myers 20 points and 4 assists, Monta - Ellis 7 points and nine assists, Lavoie - Allen 7 points and 6 rebounds; Subs: Jordan - Hill 10 points, seven rebounds, Chase - Budinger 15 points and six rebounds, Glen - Robinson III, 9 points and 3 rebounds.

76 Data: Djalil - Okafor 14 points and six rebounds, TJ- McConnell 16 points and 6 rebounds, Jeremy - Grant 13 points and 4 rebounds, Nick - Stout Ilgauskas 7 points and 1 rebound, satisfied Clarence - Noel 2 points and 3 rebounds; Substitutes: Robert - Covington 8 points and 5 rebounds.

76 people found in the opening third of touch, McConnell and Stout Ilgauskas have hit the third, but the Pacers have answered immediately, Lavoie - Allen 2 goals in the basket labeled, Myers also shot down four points, two teams alternating the lead at the start. However, the emergence of the state of ups and downs after 76 people, they are not continuous in more than 4 minutes in, rely on free throws by 1 point; the more investment and more smoothly Pacers, Paul - George and Myers soared in the third, Budinger basket tipped succeeded, the Pacers play 10-1 to 21-12 lead nine minutes. But 76 people at the end of this section in a timely manner to adjust, Noel layup to help the team to break the scoring drought, Covington came off the bench in the sudden foreign investment also scored 4 points, 76 people at the end of the first section to chase the score to 18-23.

In the early part of the second section 76 continues the feel of the end of the first section, Okafor scored 4 points in the paint, Presidio and Stout Ilgauskas layup, the Phillies points deficit to 1 point, the walk who hit stop. However, 76 people hit rate fell after a pause, and failed to extend the momentum of the chase points; Pacers gradually back feel, Jordan - Hill scored two goals in the basket, Ellis also hit a jumper, the Pacers can be maintained lead. After the Pacers more investment and smooth, Ellis and Myers again have hit the third, the Pacers extended their lead to 42-33, the 76ers beat stop. Although 76 people in the last 2 minutes of this section has been warmer feel, Presidio hit the third, Grant layup, but Paul - George suddenly struck the first blow, he hit a jumper and two three-pointers, scored 7 points individuals , to help the Pacers at the end of the first half, widening their lead to 52-38.

After the halftime break, Paul - George maintained a hot hand, he was in the third one up again in the third, Ellis layup, Walker to extend their lead to 19 points, the 76ers beat stop. After the suspension, 76 on the offensive end still failed to find touch, they rely on free throws in the next four minutes to get 2 points; feel hot - Paul George continued to anything and everything, he soared again in two three-pointers and a layup Pacers then hit a wave of 10-0, he has been leading the 27 points. Although 76 people Kanan later dropped into the third, Okafor inside storm succeeded, but Paul - George immediately answered off the dribble, Myers also dropped into the third, the Pacers did not let 76 people narrow the score. Killing jealous of Paul - George again after the break layup, and labeled as a 2 + 1, personal then scored five points, the Pacers have been leading 30 points. However, the last 76 in this section has been warmer feel, McConnell and three-point shooting off the dribble, Grant also foreign investment in sudden scored four points, 76 people at the end of the third quarter to chase the score 62- 84.

Budinger hit three-pointers in the fourth quarter to come back, and manufacture of anti-two free throws to help the Pacers again pull a bigger score. While attacking the basket after Okafor scored four points, but the Pacers bench thirds retaliate with Robinson III, Budinger also again in the pull-up jumper, the Pacers maintained a big lead. This holiday segment and a half, 76 on the offensive end efficiency is still not high, but the continuation of the Pacers bench hot hand, their scoring, steals one-stop complete Robinson III dunk, followed by another shot into 2 + 1 Pacers extended their lead again to 30 points or more. After the collapse of the 76 people replaced a public main, officially declared surrender.

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