After the loss to the Warriors, the Clippers continue to take home the challenges ushered in the sun. Superior strength of the Clippers first quarter to build a 19-point lead and, after further expand the lead, eventually 124-84 to the Clippers to the sun twelve-game losing streak.

Data Clippers: Chris Paul - 16 points and 14 assists, JJ- Redick 22 points and 3 rebounds, Paul - Paul Pierce 11 points and four rebounds, DeAndre - Jordan 17 points and 11 rebounds and 4 blocks, Jeff - Green 18 points, 5 rebounds .

Sun Data: Alex - Ryan 14 points and eight rebounds, Archie - Goodwin 20 points 1 rebounds, Mirza - Taylor Bulatovic 13 points and six rebounds, German - Booker 5 points and 2 assists, Corris - Humphries 4 points and 7 rebounds.

An opening Staples Center began third of the rain: Reddick even after 2 three-pointers, Pierce launched into third, the sun here not lack shooter: Price, precision-guided also hit two three-pointers to color. After the start of the sun there is no sign of misfiring on the offensive end, caught up to 6 minutes of scoreless until Taylor Bulatovic launched into third, finally stopped the offensive side of the trend. In addition to the starting five sun Price, four others total opening 9 0 vote. Cole - Aldridge after Bulan, sect end of the game, the Clippers to 36-17 lead 19 minutes into the second section of the solar race.

Section II opening, Ryan tipped hit, Presidio ball layup, Goodwin made two free throws, the sun shot a wave of 11-0 offensive chase points, leading the Clippers precarious situation, the key moment and Reddick Paul shooting accuracy, will temporarily stabilize the situation. After half of the second quarter, Goodwin launched into third, Taylor Bulatovic projectile network, sluggish feel swept away the first quarter, but the small Jordan into 2 + 1, Reddick shooting accuracy, continuity fast boats offensive firepower. Reddick launched into third after the first half end of the game, the Clippers to 59-42 lead 17 minutes into the second half of the solar race.

The second half began, Taylor Bulatovic first cause foul two free throws, followed by one-third incident, the sun continued offensive firepower. Clippers open side from the inside: a small hook and Jordan dunks have been hit, scored 8 points, so the team leader to 20 points. After the Clippers did not intend to let the opponents relax, Reddick, and Paul Pierce hit the third in succession, let the sun overwhelmed. Sun new aid Humphries two consecutive jumpers network, became one of the few highlights of the sun on the offensive end. Crawford made two free throws, the third quarter ended, the Clippers to 89-61 lead 28 minutes into the sun the final section of the competition.

Distal Wesley - Johnson assists Cole - Aldridge layup, jope also hit a jumper, the Clippers extended the lead to 30 points. Over time, the sun did not regain the score, the game has lost its suspense, and ultimately the Clippers home win.

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2016/2/23 15:26:23