Today Celtics vs. Minnesota Timberwolves in the first section of outstanding offensive let them get ahead, this Houtang Si led six players in double figures for the Timberwolves have been blocked by the visiting team's comeback and win the final game victory.

Timberwolves: Carl - Anthony - 28 points and 13 rebounds Downs, Geer Ji - Jason Giambi 17 points and 12 rebounds, Ricky - Rubio 15 points and eight assists and eight rebounds, Zach - Lavin 16 points, 5 rebounds, Andrew - Andrew Wiggin Sri Lanka 17 points and 4 rebounds, Shabazz - Muhammad 13 points and two rebounds.

Celtic: Jay - Claude 27 points and nine rebounds, Avery - Bradley 22 points and 2 rebounds, Isaiah - Thomas 18 points and nine assists, and Jared - Salin Jie 12 points, seven rebounds, Marcus - Smart 17 points and seven assists, Evan - Turner 9 points and 9 rebounds.

The first section of the game Sullinger hit consecutive jumpers to make the two sides tied 4-4 after the Celtics continuous perimeter shot missed the Timberwolves took the opportunity to score inside and outside the multi-point opened the score, Rubio assists Downs dumped hit after home team lead to nine points. After the Celtics came back suspended, Claude finally hit a record third on the outside, but Lavin thirds network to respond quickly, and then, Downs played well with 9 points was the personal pull Oita difference to 16 points while the Celtics in this section last minute comeback against Smart and Turner teamed up 8-0 to narrow the score 23-31.

Came to the second section of the game, the Timberwolves bench and frequent mistakes in the field of shot, the Celtics took the opportunity to call a wave of rapidly approaching the score 9-2 in match play. But Bradley hit third and Jieleibuke layup go-ahead score after the Celtics, Timberwolves bench also find touch, Tai Esi - Jones inside and outside even take 5 minutes, Martin and Mohammed scored into account regain the lead, then Muhammad is overwhelming personal again took 7 minutes to expand the lead to 11 points to play to stop the Celtics again. Then the two sides to respond to the ball in and out each appear, and Isaiah - Thomas in the final and the third hit a layup to help the team recover or 5 points, half the score is still leading the Timberwolves to 59-53.

Both sides halftime adjustment back, Isaiah - Thomas sent three consecutive assists for his teammates inside and outside to make the team to get 7 points, but have also been Rubio, Wiggins and Downs one to respond, but then Claude successive impact inside and then recovered 4 points. Wolves came back suspended first by Lavin-thirds network to stabilize the situation, then another inside Downs even take six points and Wiggins layup also will be widened 12 points. After a while the two sides blacksmith, Claude three-pointers and two plus one for the team succeed again even after six minutes, and then Downs Wiggins also cooperate with each other from each of two points in response to the final stage of the Celtics in a row impact to the basket and score six points chase, while Tai Esi - Jones shots and Jason Giambi hit buzzer-third of the plate so that the home team still 93-84 lead.

Finally, a game starts, Jason Giambi also up second attack succeeded Housimate three-point play to respond immediately, then the two sides pitted against each other in the field, in response to the score score remained at 10 points up and down. Then the two sides came back to the main field, Isaiah - Thomas and Bradley third breakthrough dunk just want to recover from the potential time-jumper and free throw Lavin and let Rubio again lead to 11 points, the score for some after time, Isaiah - Thomas consecutive layups and Claude was third at the last minute to reduce the points difference to 5 points, followed by Minnesota and one in four has been fined three points and Isaiah Bradley - Thomas layup in the final six seconds when the score closer to 1 point, but not into the Smart last third of the Celtics to 122-124 Hanfu.

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2016/2/23 15:31:21