Hawks at home against the defending champion Warriors, the Warriors feel hot in the first section, 15 points ahead to build their lead at the end of the first half with 19 points. However, the Warriors hit rate plummeted in the third quarter, only a single 18 points, the Hawks hit the climax, single margin of 18 points, approaching the score success. However, the Eagles lost touch in the critical fourth quarter, they only get 17 points, the Warriors lead the brothers in the spray again opened the score. Eventually, the Warriors on the road to beat the Hawks 102-92, made two game winning streak at the same time, it gave the Eagles three straight.

Eagles data: Al - Horford 23 points and 16 rebounds, six assists and five blocked shots, Jeff - Teague 16 points and six assists, Paul - Paul Millsap 11 points and 7 rebounds; Substitutes: - Dennis Schroeder 18 points and six assists, tiny Tim - Hardaway 12 points and 2 rebounds, Saab - Saifuluosha 6 points and 4 rebounds.

Data Warriors: Stephen - Curry 36 points and eight assists and six rebounds, Klein - Thompson 27 points, 3 assists, Bradley Richmond - Green 6 points and 14 rebounds and 9 assists, Harrison - Barnes 14 points, four rebounds, Andrew - Andrew Bogut special 3 points and 11 rebounds, four assists and five blocked shots; substitutes: Andre - Iguodala 7 points and 3 rebounds.

Warriors found immediately in the opening third of touch, Clay - Thompson hit three-pointers to recover the body, Barnes soared in 2 three-pointers, the Warriors played 14-6 start. Although the Eagles dropped into third after Teague, but Curry hit three immediately retaliate, Green and Thompson also teamed scored 4 points, the Warriors build a double-digit lead. The last paragraph of this section, the Hawks failed to set off the offensive chase points, but hit rate plummeted in more than 4 minutes in only 2 points. Warriors maintained a hot hand, in the sudden foreign investment Curry scored 4 points, Leandro Barbosa soared in the third, the Warriors shot a wave of 9-2, at the end of the first extended their lead to 30-15.

In the early part of the second quarter the Eagles feel warmer, small Hardaway soared in the third and in the cast, Shiluodeli sudden foreign investment scored 4 points, Horford also scored six points inside, multi-flowering Eagles play 10- 2, the points deficit to 7 points. However, the main warriors to regain control of the situation back in the game after Clay - Thompson hit three-pointers to help the Warriors hold its ground. After the Warriors more investment along, even Curry 2 three-pointers, Iguodala labeled as 2 +1, the Warriors 9-0, re-opened the score. This section concludes with an attack, Curry again in the fadeaway jumper, the Warriors 58-39 lead into halftime with 19 points.

Clay - Thompson in the third quarter layup that is coming up and soared in the third, the Warriors extended their lead to 22 points. However, the Warriors Festival in this half percentage decline Hawks find touch, they took the opportunity to set off the climax chase points, Millsap hit in the cast, and the third, small Hardaway and Saifuluosha soared in the third, Horford get 4 points in the paint, multi-flowering Hawks blasted a wave of 20-2 climax, the points deficit to 5 points. Although Iguodala and Curry each scored in the last paragraph of this section, but the Eagles maintained a hot hand, Schroeder CIC hits and two three-pointers lesson, the Eagles at the end of the third quarter to chase the score 75 -76.

Eagles early in the fourth continuation of good feeling, Saifuluosha again in the third, Horford and Schroeder also jointly scored four points, the Hawks completed ahead. However, the Warriors responded in a timely manner, Livingston hit in the cast, Klein - Thompson soared in the third and layup, the Warriors 7-0 to regain the lead. Eagles offensive rhythm is suddenly lost, after five minutes only 2 points; the Warriors took the opportunity to pull the score, Klein - Thompson again scored 2 points, Curry open attack mode, he soared in the third and completed layup 2 , led the Warriors to play a wave of 9-0, re-established a double-digit lead. While the Hawks Horford late in the game dropped into the third, but the Warriors center Andrew Bogut even vote with a penalty scored three points retaliate, the Warriors maintained a double-digit lead, the Eagles did not give leave comeback hopes.

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