Blazers vs. Nets, Blazers more flowering in the first half, establishing a double-digit lead. However, the Nets in the second half chasing points off offensive, successfully tied the score at the end of the game. But McCollum and Lillard dropped into third at the crucial moment, and ultimately help the Trail Blazers to a 112-104 victory hold, ho to take six straight.

Blazers data: Damian - Lillard 34 points and 4 assists, CJ- McCollum 34 points, five rebounds and six assists, Al - Farooq - Ami Nu 10 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists, Mason - Plumb Li 4 points, 13 rebounds and five assists; Subs: Gerald - Henderson 10 points and 2 rebounds.

Data Nets: Brook - Lopez 36 points, 10 rebounds and four steals, Thaddeus - Young 8 points and 11 rebounds, Donald - Sloan 14 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists, Joe - Johnson 19 points and eight rebounds and four assists; Subs: Sean - Larkin 7 points and 3 assists.

Blazers home game more flowers in the beginning, Aminu, McCollum and Pula, respectively Bromley score, but the Nets Joe - Johnson and Lopez scored 4 points, respectively, fired back, the two teams at the start biting score. However, after the Nets hit rate plummeted in six minutes only 4 points; McCollum Blazers abruptly broke out, he hit in the cast, and 2 three-pointers, scored 11 individual points, Aminu layup and soared in the third, the Blazers shot a wave of 16-4, to establish a double-digit lead. The last paragraph of this section, open the scoring mode Lillard, his first outside investment in sudden scored four points, followed by play nice 3 + 1, at the end of the first pioneers to extend their lead to 34-21.

Nets come back in the second set off the offensive chase points, Willie - Reid, Larkin Markle - Brown scored separately, the Nets 6-0. However, the Blazers immediately respond, Crabbe soared in the third, in the sudden foreign investment Henderson scored six points, the Blazers again to extend their lead to 16 points. Although after Young and Lopez in the paint together for the Nets scored four points, but the Blazers McCollum immediately hit the third lesson, Portland people maintain a big lead. The last paragraph of this section, Lopez turned the attack mode, he hit consecutive individuals scored eight points, but McCollum again in the third, Lillard in this section last attack layup, the Blazers 63-49 14 points lead into halftime.

McCollum and Lillard up again in the third quarter were a score, Trail Blazers to extend their lead to 19 points. However, after the Nets off offensive chase points, Sloan completed two layup, Joe - Johnson and Yang jointly scored four points, the Nets more flowering slightly reduce the points difference. After the two teams exchange that, Lillard vote with a penalty scored 4 points, but the Nets Lopez labeled 2 +1 retaliate, Joe - Johnson dropped into the third, the Nets did not let the Blazers pull big score. The last paragraph of this section, the Nets suddenly struck the first blow, Bogdan Norwich hit the third, Sri sudden foreign investment Lopez scored 4 points, Sloan even vote with a penalty scored 4 points, more flowering Nets at the end of the third quarter to chase the score 82-85.

Lopez early in the fourth and then scored four points, Markle - Brown also soared in the third, the Nets successful go-ahead score. But Lillard promptly come forward scored four points, McCollum also hit in the cast, the Blazers regained a narrow lead. However, the Nets played very tenacious, Joe - Johnson scored four points stand out, to help the Nets tied the score again. But feel hot McCollum and Lillard soared in the third, respectively in the final two minutes to help the Blazers made six-point lead. Although Lopez at the end of the game and then play 2 + 1, but in the case of lack of time, the Nets can only use foul tactics, Lillard firmly hit free throws to help the Blazers hold victory.

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