Rockets away to jazz, this war against the west until eight in overtime before a winner. The whole feel hot Hayward fourth last paragraph two free throws gave the Rockets the opportunity to tie the old expectations Terry hit the third corner to send the game into overtime. Extra time both sides are still a close call, dry Hood last-minute pull three points to help lead the Jazz to establish, with the Houfeifusi continuously grabbed offensive rebounds tipped succeeded to help the Jazz beat the Rockets 117-114 win victory.

Sir data: Gordon - Hayward 6-7, scored 28 points, seven rebounds and five assists, Shell Man - Mack 17 points and 2 assists, Derek - Favors 19 points, 12 rebounds and three blocked shots. Substitute side, Trevor - Burke 15 points and two rebounds.

Rocket Data: James - Harden 42 points, five rebounds and two steals, Dwight - Howard 13 points and 16 rebounds and three blocked shots, Trevor - Trevor Ariza 18 points, four rebounds and four steals, Patrick - Beverley 14 points, four assists and three steals. Substitute aspects, Jason - Terry 8 points 1 rebounds.

Hood reached the basket layup opened the scoring for the Jazz, the Rockets tied the basket to get the same side of Howard Rockets first points in the Rockets start to feel pretty good outside, Trevor Ariza and Harden hit consecutive three-pointers to help the Rockets lead . Jazz here carry inside and outside in the penalty area with Favors continuous fouls and four free throws, Hayward hit the third space in the corner, along with Favors 2 + 1 labeled, not only to complete the go-ahead jazz and also to establish a nine-point lead. Rockets suspended after returning slowly back feeling, Jones and 卡佩林 successive basket to score, the Rockets scored six points slightly reduce the points difference. Last paragraph Ingles precise pass in place, pull box to complete two assists Booker dunks morale rose. With Hood third again in the last minute, leading the Jazz to 34-23 Rockets with 11 points.

Second section return rocket took the lead, Howard and Terry have hit the free throws, plus Terry followed by a further 2 + 1, before halting the rocket will be sent out to 4 points. Under Sir deadlocked again to reverse the situation, Hayward empty cut without the ball to easy shots near the paint succeeded, Booker then eat the basket strong layup, jazz firmly keep around 9 points ahead. Harden last paragraph force, attack the basket he scored 5 points twice, including a fast-break offense and defense conversion directly pushed loss of 2 + 1. Harding Park half, the Rockets to 56-61 with five-point deficit into the second half.

Section III back, though Ariza hit third shortly after the start, but the Rockets start and less dominant, jazz here Hood and Mike have hit free throws to stabilize the situation. Josh third rocket counterattack sounded the horn, with Houbeifuli Josh then two three-pointers, the Rockets successful go-ahead score to reverse the situation. Since then the collection has become the offensive and defensive coaches bout between Hayward and Harden, Harden signs breakthrough reached the basket after another succeeded, Hayward rely impact inside foul, the last paragraph of one outbreak Lawson scored six points Rockets withstood the opponent's counterattack and ended the third quarter 83-79.

Distal battle, Burke start eye-catching performance, he start to contribute one two three-pointers, to help the team life and snatch the lead. Rocket here rely on free throws to score points start until after the game over the past four minutes 38 seconds, Harden assists on the right 45 degrees Ariza hit three into the first section of the grain warfare goals, then play fast counter Harden 2 + 1 to regain the lead. Jazz under critical re-reverse the situation, Favors basket dunk, Burke had outstanding performance outside hit the third, the Jazz regain the lead. Ariza again hit the third critical moment, then Harden made two free throws, the Rockets once again go-ahead score, but the Jazz scored a wonderful goal here also, Hood immediate pull-third hit, plus cause Favors Howard goaltending, Jazz 21 seconds left when the lead four minutes. Rockets last moment to turn the tide, Harden first reached the basket easy to get two points, followed by tactical fouls, shooting percentage Hayward two free throws gave the Rockets the opportunity, followed by a rocket Harden hoop forward pass bottom Terry corner, the ball almost mistake this in mind, but again got basketball Terry hit three straight corner to tie the game and the game into overtime.

Jazz took the lead in overtime, Hood hit a jumper to help the situation in the lead, the Rockets here, Harden hit one lags behind. Mike stalemate war go baseline floater to help the Jazz get 3 points advantage, but the Rockets here Beverly then answered with a three-point equalizer. Hood is the last moment, he faced immediate relief of Howard precise pull-third hit, the Rockets here, although Harden layup, but then there is a problem the Rockets defensive rebound Favors even grab two offensive rebounds fill succeeded basket lead. Thirds vote grab Ariza after did not hit, the Rockets lost to the Jazz 114-117, while the two sides swap position in the rankings, the Rockets dropped to ninth.

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